Writing A Valentine

Writing a Valentine is a popular tradition of Valentine”s Day. Young children write and give Valentine cards to friends, and the tradition continues well into adulthood and even old age. Couples on Valentine”s Day write each other Valentines to affirm or declare their love and make their significant others feel special and appreciated.

Some people don”t know where to begin when writing a Valentine, but that doesn”t mean that giving up and buying prewritten Valentine”s Day cards is the only option. Before giving up, consider some of these suggestions and jumping-off points.

Valentine Writing Tips

A few easy touches can help you write a great Valentine for your significant other. Try the following:

  • Including a short Valentine”s Day poem or a significant love quote can be a great way for the shy or reserved to express themselves.
  • Play your favorite music and look at a picture of your significant other while you write. Think about their unique qualities, what you love about them and what you see for the two of you in the future. Reminisce about good times you”ve had together.
  • Try to avoid wacky humor unless you are certain your significant other will understand and appreciate a funny Valentine.
  • Use a Valentine”s Day or heart stamp as a finishing touch.
  • Use themed stationary or a card that is blank on the inside.

Fun Valentine”s Day Fact

A stamp deliberately placed upside-down on an envelope signifies “I love you.”

Valentine”s Day Poems and Love Quotes

Handwritten Valentine”s Day love poems or meaningful love quotes are a great way to add something special and extra to your Valentine. Choosing a love quote or a Valentine”s Day poem is easy. Just follow these tips:

  • Choose a short poem or quote that”s simple and easy to understand. Prose in Old English might not be understood by your loved one, and not everyone understands elaborate metaphors that are often used in poems. Choose a quote or poem that”s short and to the point.
  • If you choose a Valentine poem or Valentine quote that can be found in a book, buy your significant other the book to go along with your Valentine.

Valentine love poems can be written by you, or you can choose a poem from someone else. Either way, your significant other will feel special. Taking the time to find a poem that says something romantic is just as meaningful as writing one yourself.

Writing a Valentine: Other Helpful Tips

When writing a Valentine message to your significant other, try these helpful tips:

  • An e-mail Valentine is not nearly as romantic as the real thing, so even if you”re late in sending your Valentine, still go the traditional route: better late than never. Or, better yet, send an e-mail Valentine and give your significant other a traditional Valentine.
  • Plan ahead, as your significant other will be able to tell if your Valentine was a rush job.
  • You don”t have to be corny or cheesy to write a romantic Valentine card. Write how you”d normally speak and simply speak your mind.


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