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If you are considering retirement abroad, your plans will need to include a detailed examination of your financial situation. If you intend to work in your retirement out of financial need or simply a desire to keep busy, you must find a way to do this legally while living overseas.

Work in Retirement: Work Visas

In most countries, obtaining a simple tourist visa is easy and will usually allow you to enter and leave your destination country once or multiple times during a specified time period. Most countries welcome foreign visitors as long as they do not intend to stay indefinitely while working, since this drains money away from the local area.

A tourist visa is not the same as a work visa or a retirement visa. An application for a work visa usually requires more details and more assurances that your work activities will benefit the local economy. Retirement jobs may or may not be plentiful in your destination country, but if you intend to pursue one, you will still be subject to U.S. income tax laws and your activities will be restricted to the rules outlined by your work visa.

Retirement Abroad: Work Visa versus Retirement Visa

Retirement visas are not available in every country. Those that do offer them usually ask for some assurance that the retiree has a stable income source that is likely to continue for a long time. Generally, retirement visas also require proof of the applicant’s health insurance, since most countries do not want foreign retirees straining local healthcare systems.

A work visa may be easier to obtain, but the rules for applying for a work visa vary widely from one country to another. You will need to contact the embassy of your destination county for details about how to apply.

Work in Retirement

Generally, if you know that you will need to work in retirement, it’s a good idea to obtain a work visa before you move and start looking for retirement jobs overseas. If you do not have to work in retirement, your move overseas will likely be less complicated.