Players: Two players

Darts: Two Each (when receiving, only one dart is used)


This game is based on the premise of lawn tennis. The players toss a coin to determine who “serves” or throws first. In order to win the point the server must score a double or a treble on a number he has nominated. If he scores a single, the “ball” is still in play and the second player throws to “return” the serve.

To win a point the player returning the serve must hit a double or a treble with a single keeping the ball in play.

If the server misses the nominated number twice, then he receives a “double fault” and loses the point. Once the “ball” is in play, any player that misses the nominated number loses the point.

A bullseye for either player is a winning stroke.

In the second game, the second player serves and the match continues. Just like lawn tennis, matches consist of three sets of five games.