Veterinary Care

The costs of veterinary care can vary enormously depending on your pet”s needs. Most animals require annual visits to their veterinarian for vaccinations and well pet exams. This, however, is not where veterinary care ends. Pets have minds of their own and can easily rack up a hefty veterinary bill in a matter of minutes! If you are living on a tight budget, remember to include the cost of pet ownership in your household budget.

What the Stats Are Saying

Statistics show that in the first year of ownership, a dog or cat can cost upwards of $650, with much of this cost going to examinations, vaccinations, medication and spaying or neutering. Many families see their pet as one of their own and would risk bankruptcy to nurse their beloved animal back to health. Fortunately, this is rarely necessary as numerous reasonably priced pet insurance policies are available to cover most veterinary situations.

Do You Really Need Pet Insurance?

You may have never considered pet insurance before, but it”s really just another aspect of responsible pet care. We feed, nurture and love our pets. Ensuring that we can give them veterinary care when it”s needed is essential.

Most pet insurance policies offer a variety of levels of protection and all have specific limitations. Most do not cover treatment of congenital defects, elective procedures or behavioral problems. As with human health insurance you will, in most cases, be responsible for a deductible and some out of pocket expense during each visit, but with pet insurance coverage, the amount you would normally pay is significantly reduced.

Here are a few of the more common reasons for insuring your pet:

Peace of Mind: No one likes to think about his or her pet becoming seriously ill or requiring extensive surgery after an accident, but the odds are that your pet will require emergency services more than once in her lifetime. Eventually, your pet will develop health problems. If you”re caring for a sick pet, you have enough stress administering medication, comforting the pet and arranging vet visits without worrying about money. Pet insurance allows you to devote yourself entirely to your pets when they need you most: when they are ill.

Financial Security: Complicated veterinary tests, x-rays, and surgery come with some pretty hefty fees. Even a minor pet illness can have a severe impact on your finances. The unexpectedness of many pet health problems can catch you unprepared and scrambling to find the money. The most horrible of situations can arise: being unable to afford the treatment that might save your pet”s life. Pet insurance helps you make the best medical decisions for your pet, and can help keep the costs of emergency veterinary care down. With pet insurance, your love for your pet and your wish for his long, healthy lifenot your worries about last month”s unexpected bills or what”s in your checking accountdetermine whether your companion gets the care he needs.

What Pets Are Covered?

Pet insurance is not restricted to dogs and cats. Many pet insurance companies also offer coverage for birds, ranging from canaries to ostriches, exotic animals, such as mice, lizards and potbelly pigs, and horses. Don”t forget to ask whether you can get a discount for insuring multiple pets.