Valentine S With Friends And Family

Spending Valentine”s Day with family and friends can be just as much fun as spending the day with a romantic partner. In fact, spending Valentine”s Day with family and friends can be less stressful and even more enjoyable than spending time with a significant other.

When spending Valentine”s Day with friends and family, you often feel less pressure. Plus, it gives you the chance to buy fun gifts for Valentine”s Day and not spend a ton of money on the traditional roses and chocolate.

Valentine”s Day Dinners for Friends and Family

Whether you”re single on Valentine”s Day or in a long-term relationship, there are good reasons to spend Valentine”s Day with family and friends. Let”s face it, each year on Feb. 14, restaurants are packed, food is overpriced and cinemas and theaters are crowded and noisy. If you spend Valentine”s Day with family and friends, you can avoid the typically crowded places and the hustle and bustle. As a plus, you”ll likely save a bunch of money!

A number of dinners are appropriate for people who want to spend Valentine”s Day with a group of friends and family. In fact, you”re really limited only by your imagination and budget.

For example, if you want something quiet, a candle-lit meal cooked at home can bring everyone together. If your own cooking abilities are limited, you could have the event catered or could ask everyone to bring their favorite dish and have a pot-luck event.

Foods that guests gather around and prepare together are well-suited to Valentine”s Day with family and friends. Why not set up a nacho bar? Or, you could host a sushi-making party or even a decadent dessert-making party.

Fondues are also popular choices for Valentine”s Day meals. A fondue of melted chocolate and a plate of strawberries are a guaranteed way to unite family and friends!

Valentine Games: Secret Valentines

If you”ve ever played Secret Santa with friends or family, you already know the rules for Secret Valentine. Before Valentine”s Day, have your friends and family all draw names from a hat. Each person buys a Valentine gift for the person whose name they drew. You can set a limit on how much is spent or even make up restrictions or themes for the event (e.g., “no chocolate” or “only red presents”).

On Valentine”s Day, friends and families open their anonymous presents together. The anonymity of gift-giving often makes people bolder and more imaginative than usual, leading to fun gifts for Valentine”s Day.

Valentine”s Day: Group Activities

Valentine”s Day group activities abound and offer people a chance to enjoy each other”s company and let loose. Possible activities for Valentine”s Day with family and friends include:

  • baking cookies
  • dancing
  • enjoying a meal at a favorite restaurant
  • having a putt-putt golf competition
  • hosting a wine and cheese event
  • making Valentine”s Day crafts
  • playing board games
  • taking a class together (cooking, ballroom dancing, etc.)
  • visiting the zoo
  • watching classic movies.

Fun Gifts for Valentine”s Day

Chocolate, roses and greeting cards are some of the usual gifts passed around every Feb. 14. While there”s something to be said for tradition (especially if chocolate”s involved), you can also get creative and come up with unique and fun gifts for Valentine”s Day with family and friends.

Fun gifts for Valentine”s Day don”t have to be expensive, but they should be meaningful. If your brother loves fishing, a nice lure wrapped in a heart-shaped box may bring him more enjoyment than a box of chocolates. If your best friend is taking guitar lessons, you could give her a personalized guitar pick. Keep fun gifts for Valentine”s Day small in cost but big in thoughtfulness.

Valentine”s Day: Long Distance Friends and Family

Distance can make it difficult, but not impossible, to spend Valentine”s Day with family and friends. In some cases, a phone call can be enough to show someone you care. Why not phone your mom and remind her she was your very first Valentine! Alternatively, you could arrange for conference calls so friends and family in different states or countries can all chat together. Or, reserve an online chat room for a Valentine”s Day conversation.

If you are in the gift-giving spirit, you will need to plan ahead a bit to make sure your long-distance Valentines get their gifts on schedule. Sending fun gifts for Valentine”s Day takes a little preparation if your friends and family live far away, but, thanks to the Internet, you have a lot of available resources. Shop online for the following fun gifts:

  • gift baskets
  • online store gift certificates
  • restaurant gift certificates
  • specialty chocolates or foods
  • tickets to shows.

With a little thought, creativity and preparation, you can make Valentine”s Day with family and friends a day to remember for years to come!


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