Valentine S Day History

Today, many people view Valentine”s Day as a largely commercial holiday, full of mass-made cards, bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolate that were all bought from stores. However, it”s likely that the origins of Valentine”s Day aren”t rooted in commercialism. Though no single explanation for this holiday of love exists, several theories surround how Valentine”s Day and its associated traditions came to be celebrated in our society and by people throughout the world.

For instance, one theory states that we celebrate Valentine”s Day on February 14 each year because this is that date that Valentine, a Christian priest who had been imprisoned for his teachings, was beheaded by the Romans.

Some also link this priest to the tradition of writing Valentine”s Day cards, as Valentine supposedly wrote a farewell letter to his jailer”s daughter the night before his execution, signing it “from your Valentine.”

Still, others say the tradition of writing Valentine”s Day cards is rooted in the many notes Valentine received from his friends and family while he was imprisoned.

Some state that February 14 was a Roman holiday held to honor a goddess. It was customary for young men to randomly select the name of a girl to bring to the day”s festivities. Some believe this tradition of choosing a date on this day continued into the Middle Ages and was then carried over to the American colonies.

Regardless of your theory of the history of Valentine”s Day, or where you think its origins are rooted, there”s no doubt that Valentine”s Day is a popular holiday enjoyed by many.

In this section, we”ll offer information on the history of Valentine”s Day traditions. We”ll discuss the origins of Cupid, Valentine”s Day gift-giving and more and even offer insight into the roots of Valentine”s Day love spells!

Origins of Valentine”s Day Traditions

When people think of the items associated with Valentine”s Day, roses, Cupid, hearts and chocolates often come to mind. While many people give and receive these objects on Valentine”s Day, few know the exact origin of these symbols of love.

If you”ll be giving a traditional Valentine”s Day gift to someone this year, learn about its history and impress your sweetheart with your knowledge of Valentine”s Day traditions!

Cupid”s Love Spells

Love spells have long been associated with Valentine”s Day. Whether you”ll be spending the day with with your spouse of many years, or will spend the day pining after an unrequited love, some people believe love spells can form a strong bond between you and your loved one.

If you are feeling adventurous this Valentine”s Day, test out one of our Valentine”s Day love spells!

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