Valentine S Day Gifts

While traditional Valentine”s Day gifts (flowers, chocolate, etc.) are always a surefire hit, these gifts can get expensive around Valentine”s Day. Add in a fancy dinner and good wine, and your wallet will be significantly lighter.

Rather than go the traditional route, some people like to give their significant others more unique Valentine”s Day gifts. Flowers and chocolate are all well and good, but some people would rather be a bit more adventurous. Creativity can be far more romantic and can save you some money.

Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine”s Day

Inexpensive, thoughtful Valentine”s Day gifts can be even more appreciated than traditional expensive gifts. If a gift shows that you”ve put thought and effort into it, success is guaranteed.

However, unique Valentine”s Day gift ideas often take time. Waiting until the last minute is never recommended. Sometimes, time, effort and searching are necessary to find the right gift.

Think about your significant other”s hobbies, favorite things and pastimes. Does your significant other like taking long baths? Try getting some scented bubble bath or a candle for the bathroom. Is your significant other the outdoorsy type? Get him a new hat or a hiking pack. Pay attention to your significant other”s habits and think of something they”ll really enjoy.

Valentine”s Day: Home Indulgence

While massages and other spa treatments can get expensive, creating your own spa Valentine”s Day can be a great alternative. Follow these steps:

  1. Light your house with lots of candles and tea lights to create a romantic setting.
  2. Draw a bath and include scented oils or bubbles. For an added touch, sprinkle rose petals in the bath as well.
  3. Sprinkle some of the rose petals in a path from the bathroom to the bedroom. Place aromatic oils in the bedroom for a massage.
  4. Have a bottle of wine ready and maybe even some strawberries.

Homemade Gifts for Valentine”s Day

For a Valentine”s Day gift that your significant other will keep forever, create a personalized picture frame or a personalized photo album with pictures of the two of you. If you plan far enough in advance, you can keep other souvenirs from dates to include as well, such as movie ticket stubs, play programs and even coasters or matchbooks from restaurants you”ve eaten at.

Add hand-written notes and captions to the album pages for an extra touch.

Homemade Goodies for Valentine”s Day

Making homemade goods or candies can be an inexpensive and creative Valentine”s Day gift. Your significant other will appreciate the efforts you”ve gone to making treats.

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a great romantic option, as are heart-shaped cookies or cakes. Add some red sprinkles or frosting for an extra Valentine”s Day touch. Most craft stores and cooking stores carry heart-shaped pans, cookie cutters and recipe kits that follow a Valentine”s Day theme.

Simply making your significant other”s favorite dessert can also be a great Valentine”s Day gift idea.

If you want to go all-out for Valentine”s Day, making an entire meal followed by a Valentine”s Day dessert is guaranteed to make your significant other feel special. Add some wine and romantic music, and your evening will definitely be one to remember!


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