Valentine S Day Food

When we think of a typical date, we often think of dinner and dancing or dinner and a movie. Thus, it”s no surprise that food and Valentine”s Day go hand-in-hand. In fact, decadent, rich, seductive foods have become a central part of many Valentine”s Day celebrations. From boxes of truffles to strawberries and champagne, there are a number of ways you can incorporate food into your celebration of love.

While chocolates and other sweets are traditional Valentine”s Day gifts, indulgent meals are often one of the main components of a romantic date. Whether you choose to treat your sweetheart to a dinner at a fancy restaurant or stay in to cook a delicious meal, food can greatly enhance the romance of Valentine”s Day.

Valentine”s Day Dinner for Two

Although many people choose to go out for dinner on Valentine”s Day, romantic dinner dates can be more intimate and meaningful when you stay in. Pick one of your Valentine”s favorite meals and prepare it for him or her, complete with appetizers, drinks and dessert. Add flowers, soft music and candles to your kitchen or dining room and you”ll have instant romance!

Even if you aren”t a great cook, you can still create an amazing meal. Simply take some help from your local grocery store. These days, stores offer a variety of quality ingredients to jump-start your meal. Pick up a rotisserie chicken, some ingredients for a fresh salad, a cake and a bottle of wine and you have a perfect Valentine”s Day dinner for two!

Valentine”s Day Aphrodisiacs

Love is a multi-faceted emotion, and humans are multi-faceted creatures. While most people focus on physical expressions of love on Valentine”s Day, the art of seduction is more complex and can appeal to all of the senses, rather than just our sense of touch. This is where aphrodisiacs come into play.

Invoking aphrodisiac scents and foods can stimulate your Valentine”s hormones, enhancing the eroticism of this romantic day. From chocolates to oysters, find ways to tempt your Valentine and enhance your evening with aphrodisiacs.

Have a Healthy Valentine”s Day

Valentine”s Day doesn”t necessarily mean that you have to indulge in fatty, sugary foods. In fact, there are a number of ways you can make Valentine”s Day a healthy celebration of love.

An active date can be very romantic. Why not take your special someone on a hike or canoeing down a quiet river? Or, rather than going out to a fancy dinner, you can stay in and cook a heart-healthy meal with your loved one. You can make a fantastic dinner full of vegetables and lean protein.

If your partner is diabetic, opt for sugar-free chocolates, cakes or cookies. Many of these healthier options are high-quality and don”t force you to sacrifice taste.

With a little creativity, there are many ways to celebrate romance and still have a healthy Valentine”s Day.


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