Unique Romantic Ideas

Valentine”s Day is a holiday for romance, creativity and celebrating love. While many people choose to go the traditional route of having dinner at a fancy restaurant and exchanging flowers and candy, there are a number of unique romantic ideas that can be even more fun.

Scrambling for reservations and running out of planning time is never fun, and the lack of organization will show in your plans. Instead of waiting until the last minute, plan your Valentine”s Day out well in advance and make deadlines for yourself.

It”s the Small Stuff that Counts

Valentine”s Day is all about showing that you care for your significant other. Here are a few popular small romantic Valentine ideas that will definitely earn you big points in the romance department:

  • About a week before Valentine”s Day, send your Valentine card, to Loveland, Colo., where your card will be hand-stamped with a unique four-line poem and postmarked “LOVEland.” It will then be sent on to your loved one.
  • Call or e-mail your favorite radio station and dedicate a song to your significant other. Make sure that the song will play at a time your significant other normally listens to the radio, or turn on the radio for your loved one when the song is about to play.
  • Contact your local newspaper and post a special message to your significant other in the morning or evening paper.
  • Create a Valentine”s Day screensaver or desktop background on your significant other”s computer. Using a picture of the two of you can be a great option.
  • Send an e-card to your significant other.

Valentine”s Day: Romantic Dates

Romantic dates are a key element of Valentine”s Day. Whether you go out or stay in, put some thought and planning into your Valentine”s Day.

  • Romantic date ideas: Romantic Valentine”s Day ideas can vary greatly with the personality of each couple. For some, a night out at the movies can be perfect, while others might prefer an outdoor hike or picnic. Use your judgment and think of things your significant other likes to do. Some popular ideas include:

    • a day at an aquarium, art museum or a botanical garden
    • a picnic at a park or beach
    • a romantic movie and candlelit dinner, whether at a restaurant or at home
    • a trip to a theme park
    • an adventurous sky-diving or bungee jumping excursion.
  • Romantic dinner ideas: Valentine”s Day dinners are a traditional way to celebrate the holiday, but there is still room for creativity. Many couples choose restaurants that are special to them, regardless of any special Valentine”s Day fare. Other couples prefer to choose a restaurant that has special Valentine”s Day menus, dcor and a generally romantic ambience. Get creative and look around: Search the Internet to find an interesting Valentine”s Day dinner idea.Making dinner is also a fun idea. Prepare your significant other”s favorite meal, or order a heart-shaped pizza. Originality will make anyone feel special.
  • Theater dates: Book tickets to a play, show, concert or event that you know your significant other would like to see. Another nice touch to add to the theater date is to get a program or the soundtrack from the show as a memento.

Valentine”s Day for Married Couples

Valentine”s Day is not just for those in new relationships. Here are some creative romantic ideas for your spouse on Valentine”s Day:

  • Get tickets to a comedy club or your spouse”s favorite comedian.
  • Leave a love note somewhere unexpected: the laundry room, the tool shed, the back seat of the car, anywhere. To add an extra element of creativity, leave multiple notes all over the house.
  • Recreate your first date. Concentrate on the details: the clothes you were wearing on the date, the music that was playing and anything else either of you can remember. If you can, return to the exact spot. Reminisce about your first date and try to remember what you talked about.
  • Use pink or red sticky notes to cover your spouse”s desk or favorite armchair. Write “I love you” or other romantic messages on each one.

Valentine”s Day Romance at Home

Going out isn”t the only option for a romantic Valentine”s Day date. A romantic evening at home can be more fun than going out.

  • Cook dinner together: Choose your favorite dish or something romantic that you both will enjoy. Have fun chopping, mixing and putting it all together. Then, while dinner is stewing or baking, go get dressed up for the meal.An alternative for those who don”t like cooking: Order in your favorite takeout or a Valentine-themed meal. Some pizza restaurants even feature heart-shaped pizzas for the holiday.
  • Leave love notes for each other: Decorate your entire home with love notes. On the walls, on the mirrors and everywhere else you can think to put them.
  • Turn your home into a romantic setting: Candlelight and rose petals can turn any room into a romantic setting. Leave rose petals or tea lights in a trail from the front door to the bedroom, surround a hot bath with candles or even fill your swimming pool or hot tub with petals or floating tea lights.


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