Understanding Psychic Abilities

A psychic can be defined as an individual who has the ability to sense paranormal events, including energies emanating from other persons or spirits, to give further insight about things that have or will happen in the world and in other people’s lives.

Specific types of psychic abilities include:

  • clairvoyance, the ability to sense objects or events that cannot be perceived with the five senses (also known as ESP)
  • precognition, the ability to predict the future
  • telepathy, the ability to read minds.

Some theorize that everyone has psychic abilities in the form of intuition. According to these theories, by trusting your intuition, you can harness intuitive thoughts and become more psychic. Free online tests are even available to determine the level of your natural psychic abilities.

Skeptic Views of Psychic Abilities

However, many people are skeptical about these so-called “psychic abilities.” They believe that self-proclaimed psychics are delusional or merely scam artists. The idea of psychic power bleeds into debates about a fixed destiny and even the power of God, with some arguing that it is impossible for psychic power to exist.

Despite widespread skepticism, the use of psychics and their paranormal abilities has been prevalent throughout history. From 16th century psychic Nostradamus, who is said to have predicted the invention of the atom bomb, to Edgar Cayce, who supposedly diagnosed and healed people with information found through deep meditation, the public has continuously been amazed by incredible psychic powers.

Whether or not you believe in the legitimacy of those with psychic abilities, many cases of strange coincidences involving the foretelling of the truth have occurred. In light of this, it seems that there is something to be learned about understanding psychic powers.

Developing Psychic Ability

Although most psychics claim that their powers are natural or God-given, some paranormal experts contend that it is possible to develop and hone psychic skills. According to the American Association of Professional Psychics, practicing transcendental meditation can improve anyone’s natural psychic ability. Of course, there are also many other ways to develop psychic ability.


ESP, formally known as extra-sensory perception, is a form of psychic power that focuses on the ability to perceive things outside of the five senses. Sometimes called a “sixth sense,” ESP purportedly allows psychics to read minds, tell the future or communicate with the dead. Although no verifiable scientific evidence has yet proved the existence of ESP, there has been much research on ESP.


Also known as psychokinesis, telekinesis is the ability to move or control things using only your mind. Uri Geller is a well-known, self-proclaimed psychic who has demonstrated telekinetic powers by bending metal and even stopping a cable car using only his mind. From Star Wars’ “the force” to spoon-bending parties, there is a lot to ponder about the existence of telekinesis.

Tarot Cards

Psychics use tarot cards to access information about the past, present or the future. These types of cards portray different symbols or pictures, each with a different meaning. However, the exact meanings of different tarot cards vary from psychic to psychic. Because both the decks and meanings of tarot cards vary, regular practice and extensive research are helpful for those learning how to read tarot cards.