Ufos Unidentified Flying Objects

Nothing is more mysterious than the big black empty realm we refer to as space. Human beings are naturally curious and, therefore, commonly wonder if we share our universe with others. Similarly, we ponder what else might be out there in space, the final frontier. So, reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) naturally fill the public with wonder, a bit of fear and a number of questions.

Unidentified aerial phenomena have been spotted, reported and scrutinized throughout history. Most can be explained by astral naturecomets, flocks of birds, meteors and stars. More recently, others have been the result of human technology.

For instance, human aircraft and satellites can cause flickers in the night sky that some may misinterpret to be UFOs. However, while some mysterious phenomena have been explained away, others defy explanation.

SETI: The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

Currently, various researchers and amateurs are conducting ongoing investigations in an effort to prove the existence of other life forms. One such project that has gained momentum in recent years is SETI. Brought to life at UC Berkeley, SETI@home (also referred to as Project SETI) is a massive undertaking in which millions of personal computers contribute data to a central database that analyzes it for evidence of transmissions from other life forms or celestial bodies.

UFO Sightings

Several hundred thousand estimated UFO sightings have been officially reported and documented in the last 50 years. Interestingly, only a small percentage of those who see a UFO actually report what they saw.

UFO sightings occur around the world, even in the Middle East. In fact, recently there are quite a few UFO sightings in Iran. This could be due to the presence of the military or perhaps something else. Dozens of sightings were reported in the Islamic republic in April of 2004. At that time, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported colorful objects that spotted beaming green, red, blue and purple rays over the cities of Tabriz, Ardebil and Goldstan.

UFO sightings can occur from several different vantage points. Oddly enough, many of the recent UFO sightings haven’t been reported from the ground. Instead, they have occurred in space. It’s not unusual for a UFO sighting on a plane to be reported and recorded. Many Internet sites are dedicated to featuring such reports of UFO sightings.

UFO Photographs

Aside from visual reports, there is also physical evidence that UFOs may exist. Believers contend that UFO photographs are the most tangible, believable and reliable evidence. To date, at least 10,000 recorded photographic cases of UFOs have been documented.

No other country in the world has had as many documented reports of UFO “fleets” or “clusters” than Mexico. In fact, the Mexican Department of Defense actually recognized and acknowledged the presence of unidentified flying objects at one time.

However, in the digital, touch-up, air brush age, seeing isn’t necessarily believing. Mexican UFO photographs that were once considered real are now coming into question. Often they are little more than an artist’s renderings.

The Scientific View of Unidentified Flying Objects

While the very idea of UFOs may seem outlandish to most scientists, there are a few who are interested in the concept of extra terrestrials. Indeed, it’s said that a small percentage of the reportings found in the United States Air Force’s Project Blue Book come from amateur and professional astronomers. Project Blue Book is used to determine if UFOs are a threat to national security by analyzing UFO reports and related data.

While the scientific community seems reluctant to confirm the validity of UFOs, the jury is still out on whether or not the future will bring to light any new information about the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects.