Types Of Photography

A lot of people dream of becoming a photographer and enjoy taking photographs as a hobby. What a lot of people don”t realize, however, is that there are many different types of photography. Do you enjoy photojournalism and documenting events as they actually unfold? Maybe you like the glitz of glamour photography. Still others are fascinated by macrophotography and microphotography.

Read on to learn about the different kinds of photography, including photojournalism, microphotography, aerial photography, portraiture and more!

Action Photography

You”ve probably seen action photos. Often, they are used to capture athletes. For example, action photos show a quarterback making an amazing throw, a basketball player in mid-jump or a ballet dancer leaping through the air. Action photography is also used to capture the movement of animals, vehicles and more.

Action photography often slows down time so that we can appreciate the finite movement of people or animals, even when they are traveling at fantastic speeds.


In microphotography, photographers use specialized cameras and microscopes to capture images of very small subjects. In fact, the subjects might be so small that they can”t be seen with the human eye.

Microphotography is often used in the scientific world. For example, it has applications in biology, medicine and astronomy. If you”ve ever seen a picture of the veins in a flower petal or the cells in a bloodstream, you”ve seen microphotographs.

Glamour Photography

In glamour photography, the subject (often an attractive woman) is portrayed in an alluring way, with flattering makeup, hair styling and attire. Photographers sometimes use a soft focus or special lighting to achieve the particular mood of romance or sex appeal in the photo.

You shouldn”t confuse glamour photography with pornography. While glamour photography can be sexy and erotic it is not pornographic. Instead of focusing on nudity or sexual acts, glamour photos capture subjects in suggestive poses. Glamour photos might be described as flirtatious, playful or alluring.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography offers viewers a bird”s eye view of the world. These photos are often taken from airplanes, hot air balloons or even satellites. The idea is to give the viewer information that he or she could not see from the ground.

Aerial photography has many applications. It is used to help make maps and to help in military operations. Real estate agencies also use it to show properties. In addition, paparazzi use aerial photography to snap photos of celebrities in private settings.


Portraiture is similar to documentary photography in that it is narrative. In portraiture, a photographer captures information about a person so that viewers can learn more about her.

The best portraiture photography allows us to see inside the person, giving us glimpses into her personality, mood or history. The gently lined face of an elderly woman, the set of a military captain”s jaw or the sparkle in a teacher”s eye all speak volumes about that person, if captured correctly.

Wedding Photography

Weddings are a carnival of visual pleasure. There”s the bride in her dress, the flowers and the towering cake. There are many special moments to capture at weddings.

Wedding photographers can take different approaches to capturing a wedding. They might seek out formal and posed photographs of the wedding party and guests, candid and amusing shots of the festivities or a combination of both.