Types Of Horses

Today there are hundreds of types of horses, with breeds defined by their appearance, size, temperament, and more. When you compare a humble pony to a massive Clydesdale, it”s hard to believe that they share a common ancestry.

Throughout history, the horse has played a vital role in transportation and agriculture, and more recently, in sport and leisure. Horses have been bred throughout the ages to cater to changing human needs. However, in the beginning, there were four basic types of horse: Przewalski”s Horse, the Tarpan, the Forest Horse and the Tundra Horse. From these original four, time, place and horse breeders have created the wide variety that is in the horse population of today.

Horse owners and enthusiasts can expand their love of horses by knowing where their beloved animals originated. Understanding the role humans have played in expanding the types of horses in the world is inspiring. You will certainly develop a new appreciation for your beloved mount when you realize all the components that went into making him the horse he is.

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