Travelling With Pets Certification Stress Moving

If you are considering moving overseas, pets will be a significant concern if you decide to take them along with you. Travelling with pets always requires special planning and consideration, but flying with pets can be especially complicated. Pets traveling abroad may face customs or quarantine rules that you must investigate far in advance of your flight.

Always remember that pets travelling abroad can be subject to jarring and turbulence; shipping crates may be lost and animals may be separated from their shipping crates. You can try to reduce the possibility of each of these events with the following tips.

Traveling With Pets: Health Certification

Contact the embassy of your destination country months in advance of moving overseas. Pets may require a certain set of vaccinations to enter the country, and your veterinarian may be required to complete and sign a set of forms certifying that your pet is in good health. Ask the embassy about quarantine times. Some pets travelling abroad are subject to periods of quarantine in the destination country that can last a few days to several months.

Moving Overseas: Pets and Stress

Travelling with pets can be stressful for both of you. If you will be flying with pets, make sure the shipping crate for your pet is sturdy and properly sized. It should be big enough to allow your pet to turn around and lie down freely, but not too big, since your pet may be knocked around inside by rough flight conditions. Several weeks before flying with pets, accustom your pet to his or her shipping crate. Encourage your pet to enter and leave the crate freely and make the crate comfortable and inviting.

Place your contact information clearly on the outside of the crate and around your pet’s neck. This information should include your pet’s name and any biting habits. Include a leash with the crate and some dry food if the trip will be long. Make sure the crate has a water dish that attendants can refill without being bitten. Do not tranquilize your pet unless your veterinarian recommends this. Contact agents between connecting flights to check on your pet’s progress.