Traveling With A Dog

Many dog owners enjoy bringing their dogs with them wherever they roam. While sometimes this simply means walking your dog down the street to the dog park, other times it means driving your pup across town to the pet store or putting your dog on a plane and flying across the country to visit relatives.

Often, dogs love traveling with their owners just as much as owners enjoy traveling with their dogs. However, just because your dog happily jumps in the passenger seat each time you open the car door doesn”t mean that you don”t need to take some precautions to keep your pet as happy and safe as possible as you travel.

Whether you”ll be in a car, airplane or hotel, there are certain items you should always carry with you when you travel with your dogs. Dog travel accessories include the following:

  • any necessary medication
  • blankets and/or a dog bed
  • disposable bags for cleaning up messes
  • dry food packed in plastic bags
  • treats
  • two bowls, one for food and one for water
  • two leashes, in case one gets lost or breaks
  • water bottles
  • wet food, if necessary
  • your vet”s contact information, in case of an emergency.

Keeping these items on hand will ensure that you can take care of all of your pet”s needs, even in a remote location.

In this section, we”ll discuss the many different aspects involved with pet travel. We”ll give you tips on driving with your dog and also provide valuable information on flying with your dog. In addition, we”ll help you find a pet-friendly hotel where you and your dog can relax once you reach your destination.

Driving with Your Dog

Many dogs love riding in the passenger seat with their heads stuck out the window, feeling the wind in their fur and smelling all sorts of new smells. However, did you know that it isn”t safe to allow your pooch to pop his head out the window? Also, you shouldn”t allow your dog to ride in the front passenger seat if your car has airbags in the dashboard.

To keep your dog safe in the car, you should always keep him restrained, either in a harness or in a pet carrier. To avoid injury to your dog, crack the window only a few inches. This will allow him to smell the air without risking injury.

By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure driving with your dog will be safe for both you and your best friend!

Flying with Your Dog

Flying with your dog is a bit more complex than driving with your dog. For one thing, you”ll have to call well in advance to find out which airlines allow dogs. While some will allow dogs in either the cargo hold or the cabin, others will not transport dogs.

Once your secure a spot on the plane for your dog, you”ll need to make sure your dog carrier is approved for airline travel. In addition, you”ll need to arm yourself with the proper travel accessories.

While flying can be stressful even for humans, by following some simple steps, you can make flying with your dog a breeze!

Dog-Friendly Hotels

If your travels require you and your dog to stay in a hotel, you”ll want to make sure you book a reservation at a spot that is pet-friendly.

Our search tool can make it easy for you to quickly find dog-friendly hotels.