Top 10 New Year S Spots

At New Year”s celebrations, we wave good-bye to the passing year and welcome the new one. While anywhere can make a great spot to celebrate New Year”s Eve, there are a few places that are known for their New Year”s celebrations. Here”s a list of the top 10 spots to ring in the New Year!

  1. New Year”s Eve in Las Vegas: Spending New Year”s Eve in Las Vegas is a perennial favorite. On New Years Eve, you can join a huge street party on the Las Vegas Strip and watch spectacular fireworks. Or, you might prefer to check out the party downtown or head to one of the city”s famous shows. In addition, Las Vegas has developed a number of family-oriented activities, allowing you and your entire family to welcome the New Year.When planning a New Year”s celebration in Las Vegas, make sure to bring a jacket, as the city can get cold there during the winter. Also, get your reservations early, as Vegas fills up quickly.
  2. New Year”s Eve with Mickey: Whether you choose Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida, spending New Years Eve with Mickey Mouse and his friends can be a real treat for the whole family. You”ll enjoy special parades and fireworks, as well as visits with all of your favorite Disney characters. Arrive early and be sure to bring your party hats and horns!
  3. New Year”s Eve in New York: Many people dream of celebrating New Year”s Eve in Times Square in New York City. On New Year”s Eve, thousands of people flood Times Square, eager to participate in the famous countdown to New Year”s that started in 1906. Make sure that you bring layered clothing so that you can adjust to the night”s temperatures. Also, make sure to arrive early, as Times Square is often packed by early morning.
  4. New Year”s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: One of the best places to be on New Year”s Eve is Rio de Janeiro. You can pick from hundreds of shows and events that are held along the beach and also enjoy a spectacular fireworks show.In Brazil, New Year”s Eve occurs during the summer, so be sure to pack accordingly. Also, remember to bring something white, as wearing white on New Year”s is a tradition in Brazil.
  5. New Year”s Eve in London: On New Year”s Eve in London, you can listen to the famous chimes from Big Ben and then watch fabulous fireworks being shot over the Thames River. If you want to eat at a restaurant or enjoy entertainment in the area before Big Ben sounds off, be sure to make your reservations or buy tickets well in advance. Also, wear layered clothing, as it can get cold as midnight approaches.
  6. Hogmanay in Edinburg, Scotland: The Scots have their own name for New Years Eve: Hogmanay. Hogmanay lasts for several days and has its roots in pagan celebrations. Join what many consider to be the largest New Years Eve Party in Europe in Edinburg. The celebration includes fireworks and a torchlight procession. The weather is cold in Scotland on New Year”s Eve, so bring warm clothes.
  7. New Year”s Eve in Sydney, Australia: Be among the approximately 1.5 million people who flock to Sydney to watch fireworks explode over the Sydney Harbor on New Year”s Eve. While waiting for the show, you can participate in 12 hours of activities, including the Harbor of Light Parade. Be prepared to experience warm weather with the possibility of rain.
  8. New Year”s Eve in Berlin: Start your New Year”s Eve in Berlin watching the New Year”s Eve Run, where the first one over the finish line is not necessarily the winner. In this run, the best costumes take the prize. Later, join the huge party that is held between the Brandenburger Tor at Pariser Platz and the center of Tiergarten Park and watch some of the best fireworks in the world. Dress warmly.
  9. New Year”s Eve in Aspen, Colo.: Join the snow bunnies in Aspen and watch fireworks explode around Aspen Mountain after spending the day on the slopes or exploring the historic town. Dress for cold winter weather and, perhaps, some snow.
  10. New Year”s Eve in New Orleans: The place to be in New Orleans before New Year”s Eve is the French Quarter. Enjoy some Cajun food and beverages before heading over to Jackson Square to watch the ball drop at midnight. Check the weather conditions before you head to the Big Easy, as New Orleans can be warm or cold on New Year”s Eve.


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