Toddlers Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a lot of fun. With games, cake and colorful decorations, what’s not to love? Older kids often thrive on the excitement, but for toddlers, birthday parties can be a bit overwhelming. To plan a party that’s fun for everyone, keep your toddler’s perspective in mind. Here are some points to remember when planning toddlers’ birthday parties.

Parties for Kids: Less is Best

Toddlers can become easily over-stimulated when exposed to too many things at once, so keep things simple as you plan the invitation list, the activities and the surroundings. Begin by inviting only a few guests. A good rule is to have one toddler guest for each of your child’s year of age, plus one. Three or four kids are plenty to keep your three-year-old happy.

Choose simple games, as toddlers aren’t developmentally ready to process large amounts of information. Keep the party short, no more than a couple hours, and choose a location that’s convenient for supervising small children. You’ll need to be able to see all guests at all times.

Toddlers’ Birthday Parties and Safety

If you choose to have your toddler’s birthday party at home, confine the action to one or two rooms so you and your helpers can monitor all the fun. Put away all valuable or breakable items. If your child is still learning to share, make his bedroom off-limits.

You might want to hold the party in a public place, such as a restaurant or fun center, to avoid having to worry about cleanup or any possible disasters with your personal property. A venue that has a party room is good for keeping parties for kids manageable. If you decide to opt for an outdoor area like a park, be sure you have adequate hands to help supervise.

Planning Parties for Kids: Involve Your Toddler

They may be small, but toddlers have big opinions. Involve your child as much as possible in the party planning. Ask his input on choosing a theme, as well as on aspects like what food to eat and which friends to invite. Toddlers’ birthday parties can go off without a hitch when you take the time to plan with your child’s needs in mind.