Throwing An Affordable Holiday Party

You may not take the cost of your Christmas parties into account when planning your holiday budget, even though the costs a large Christmas dinner party can quickly add up. However, reducing your guest list, changing the time or asking guests to contribute can make it easier to throw holiday parties on a budget. Think outside the box and go casual to save money on your holiday office parties and Christmas parties at home.

Affordable Office Christmas Parties

Holiday office parties can range from lavish and expensive to casual and intimate. If you’re on a budget, throwing holiday parties appropriate for your setting and employees can be accomplished with a little extra effort. Shop around a bit before renting out a hall or paying for expensive catering. Consider meeting at a restaurant for a holiday dinner or brunch celebration with your small office. If possible, you can even host the party in the office, which eliminates a rental fee.

Party Time: Be Flexible

Whether you have your holiday party at home, at the office or a function hall, you don’t have to have a four-course dinner and large variety of wine and cocktails. Consider other Christmas party ideas, such as an after-dinner party, or an afternoon party with a light lunch or hors d’oeuvres. Afternoon or brunch parties also cut down on the amount of alcohol people expect to be served, which can reduce costs even further. If you do choose to have an evening party, consider a weeknight. Function hall or restaurant booking fees may be lower on weekdays than on weekends.

Try a Potluck

When you have a holiday party with your friends, family or neighbors, consider having a potluck dinner. You can delegate dishes to each person, so you don’t have to absorb the cost of the whole meal or be responsible for cooking everything to the extent that you cannot enjoy your own party. Try not to be a stickler about the details; ask a guest to bring “a side” rather than “French-cut green beans with orange glaze.” Ensure that you have a good distribution of beverages, desserts, sides and appetizers, but allow your guests to have some creativity in choosing their contributions and Christmas party ideas.

Downsize Your Decorations

You can create festive decorations for your Christmas parties on a budget as well. Try decorating with small tea light candles in plain holders. These are inexpensive but can have a striking effect when used in a large group. Holly boughs, which can be purchased at florist shops, make a beautiful and low-cost centerpiece when placed in a vase and tied with a festive ribbon. A bowl of multicolored Christmas ornaments is also a nice centerpiece choice. You can even make classic cutout snowflakes from white printer paper and use them as a garland or window hanging. If you prefer more traditional decorations, borrow them from family or friends so you can throw your holiday parties on a budget.