The Popular Benefits Of Retiring In The Bahamas

As you research the best places to spend your retirement, investigate the benefits of retiring in the Bahamas, such as the phenomenal weather, accessibility and tons of recreational opportunities.

Major Benefits of Retiring in the Bahamas: Warm Weather and Sunshine

The Bahamas enjoy warm weather year-round. In the winter, average temperatures are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. During the warmest months, June through August, temperatures range from 80 to 90 degrees with high humidity. Evening temperatures are generally 5 to 7 degrees lower, and the difference is barely noticeable from the day time, allowing you to enjoy your retirement around the clock.
The Bahamas experiences rainfall throughout the year, but heavy squalls and thunderstorms pass quickly, often leaving glistening sunshine in their wake. The southern islands experience half the amount of rain of the northern islands, and the rainiest months for the entire island chain are May and June. The Bahamas also experience hurricanes from June to November.

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas: An Easy Trip for Loved Ones in the United States

The northernmost islands of the Bahamas are approximately 50 miles from Florida, making a visit to this island chain a convenient trip. Retirement on the islands of the Bahamas affords you the best of both worlds–privacy in paradise and easy access to friends, children and grandchildren.

  • By air: The Bahamas boast 57 airports, 24 of which are official Ports of Entry and three of which are international. The most frequent destinations are Nassau, Grand Bahama Island and the Out Island. A flight from New York City to the Bahamas can take as little as two hours.
  • By cruise: The Bahamas are a popular destination for cruise ships.
  • By ferry: Two cruise-like ferries take day and overnight trips to the Bahamas from south Florida, one that arrives at Nassau Paradise Island and another at Grand Bahama Island.

Plenty of Recreation in the Bahamas

The most popular recreational activities for residents of the Bahamas include jogging, swimming, soccer, cricket, squash, tennis and fishing. Exciting activities in the massive archipelago, including water skiing, wind surfing, jet skiing and scuba diving, will help you have an active retirement in the Bahamas. Bahamians also love to watch football and basketball, and you’ll find many sports fans cheering on the Miami Dolphins, a beloved team on the islands.