The Fn Scar Rifle

The FN SCAR rifle (SOF Combat Assault Rifle) was created for the U.S. Special Operations Command by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. Production testing of this combat assault weapon was completed in June 2007, and limited fielding should begin in the near future.

The SCAR is a gas-operated, short stroke, modular rifle with a rigid metal receiver. Soldiers are able to fire many kinds of ammunition from the same rifle, and most parts on all types of SCAR rifles are interchangeable. Soldiers are able to quickly tailor the SCAR to each unique military situation. Advantages of the FN SCAR over other military weapons include:

  • 35,000 plus round barrel life
  • 90,000 round system service life
  • high compatibility (90 percent) between all SCAR variants
  • integrated grenade launcher with ranging fire control
  • low maintenance
  • modularity of both barrel and caliber for flexibility in the field
  • reduced overall cost
  • reduced pack weight for soldiers.

Types of FN SCAR Rifles

The FN SCAR rifle is available in two main varieties, a light and heavy version. The light 5.56 mm version is called the Mark 16 SCAR-L. The SCAR-L is designed for close combat situations and uses M16, 30 round rifle magazines. The SCAR-L may also be chambered with the 6.8 mm Remington SPC cartridge. This assault rifle is 33 inches maximum length when unfolded, and maximum 24.09 inches in length when the stock is folded. The barrel length is 13.78 inches and the SCAR weighs 7.24 pounds without the magazine.

The heavier 7.62 mm version of the SCAR is known as the Mark 17 SCAR-H. The SCAR-H is for use in long-range combat. It uses a 7.62x51mm NATO and has a 20 round magazine. The maximum length of the SCAR-H is 40.2 inches when unfolded and 31.4 inches with the stock folded. It weighs 7.74 pounds without the magazine.

Both the SCAR-L and the SCAR-H are available in three different variants including:

  • close quarters combat
  • sniper
  • standard.

Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module

The Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module (EGLM) is an add-on feature for the FN SCAR rifle. The barrel of the EGLM pivots to the left or right, allowing both right and left handed soldiers to load it comfortably.

Depending on the military situation, it can either be used on a stand-alone stock or mounted on the SCAR. The EGLM allows grenades to be easily launched with the middle finger without affecting the magazine.

The Future of SCAR

The FN SCAR rifle will be built right in the United States at the FN Manufacturing LLC plant in South Carolina. FN also plans to introduce a semi-automatic version of the SCAR. This semi-automatic SCAR is designed for use in commercial and law enforcement applications.

In 2004, the U.S. Special Operations Command issued a purchase request for large quantities of all the varieties of SCAR rifles. SCAR units to be purchased for military field use include approximately:

  • 2,932 Standard (7.62x39mm) SCAR-H rifles
  • 6,990 CQC SCAR-H rifles
  • 11,989 Sniper Variant SCAR-L rifles
  • 11,990 Sniper Variant SCAR-H rifles
  • 14,931 Standard SCAR-H rifles
  • 27,914 CQC SCAR-L rifles
  • 83,738 Standard SCAR-L rifles.