The Benefits Of Retiring In New Zealand

Many retirees consider the laid-back culture and beautiful landscape among the top benefits of retiring in New Zealand. Though the country traces its roots to British colonization, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori, remain an integral part of the culture.

Landscape and Geography of New Zealand

New Zealand offers a stunning natural backdrop for your retirement. An isolated nation, it’s known for its diverse and largely endemic ecosystems. Maori and European settlers have introduced some species, contributing to island’s biodiversity. Unfortunately, much of New Zealand has seen the devastating effects of settlement and deforestation. In an effort to preserve what’s left of its incredible resources, nearly 30 percent of the country is protected as national parks and reserves (New Zealand Department of Conservation, 2000).
Those living in New Zealand can explore a variety of landscapes, from beaches and fjords to mountains and rain forests. Ecotourism is crucial to New Zealand’s economy, and retirees may enjoy some of its many opportunities like swimming with the dolphins in the Bay of Plenty, or taking a volcanic tour to White Island.

Climate of New Zealand

Many retire to New Zealand for its temperate climate. New Zealand’s climate is classified as cool to warm temperate with a strong maritime influence. It’s considerably cooler in the south, which sometimes sees temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Culture of New Zealand

While New Zealand’s European roots make the country’s culture modern and Westernized in many ways, indigenous Maori traditions are still alive and popular and contribute to the nation’s unique social landscape.
New Zealand has made great strides to integrate Maori culture into the everyday life of the country. Most signage is typically in English and Maori, and retirees can purchase Maori arts and crafts at markets such as the Otara Market in Auckland.
New Zealanders are typically laid-back, and their culture aligns with the ideals of many American retirees. In New Zealand, retirees enjoy the opportunity to enjoy sports and other leisure activities. Many Kiwis participate in club teams that are easy for active retirees to join. If you’re hoping to stay active, socialize and have fun, recreational rugby, tennis and soccer leagues are available throughout the country. Even urban areas in New Zealand offer a number of outdoor recreational opportunities.