The Associated Risks Of The Internet For Kids

The risks of the Internet for kids are many, from harmful material to cyber bullies and people looking to sexually exploit children. Parents can stay vigilant about protecting their children from these threats by teaching them what to do if they encounter these situations on their own.

Risks of the Internet for Kids: Harmful Material

Many websites ask visitors to enter personal information like phone numbers and addresses, but children may not know what they are signing up for or who will obtain the information. Other sites offer links to downloads, and some children may not understand the harm that can be done by unwanted downloads.
Another risk is adult material. Most kids reach these sites unwillingly. For example, by searching a harmless term about a children’s toy or game, your child could punch in a typo and end up with a list of sites laced with adult material.

Internet Safety Precautions: Keeping Children Safe From Pedophiles

Chat rooms began as innocent gathering spots for people with similar issues or interests to connect from all corners of the world. These sites are excellent tools, but they can also pose hazards for children.
Some people join chat rooms with the intent of exploiting kids, asking them to exchange personal information like addresses, phone numbers and pictures. Make sure to monitor your child’s use of chat rooms, and even chat or instant messaging clients, and teach them to avoid sharing any personal details. Contact local law enforcement or the FBI if your child has been a target of an online sex offender.

Other Kids on the Internet: Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a relatively new risk to children on the Internet, as social media sites have allowed children unprecedented access to each other. Cyber bullying occurs when a child, preteen or teen is harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, threatened or tormented using the Internet.
Children often know the person tormenting them, and this bullying can follow them from home to school and back again. Teach your children to stop when they are the target of a cyber bully. Retaliation can often exacerbate the situation. The next step is to block the cyber bully immediately, then tell a trusted adult about the harassment.
One big problem with cyber bullying is that even after parents try blocking inappropriate websites and other access to their children, the harassment is known to persist.