Telekinesis, also known as psychokinesis, is the ability to influence matter, time, space or energy by means outside the laws of physics. Some examples of telekinesis include using the mind to move or bend objects, to shut them or to turn them off.

Telekinesis is one of the rarest forms of psychic abilities. Few people have been able to demonstrate telekinesis, and of many of those who claim telekinetic abilities are eventually exposed as frauds.

How Telekinesis Works

To date, no one has been able to prove exactly how telekinesis, but there are some theories:

  • Some researchers think there may be a quantum connection between the human mind and subatomic particles.
  • Some say people participating in a sance can pick up sound or heat waves in a room to form energy in order to move objects.
  • Some think humans may have a magnetic field around them, and people can focus this field on certain objects.

Learn Telekinesis

Everyone has the potential to be telekinetic, according to psychics and paranormal researchers. Web sites and books are available that suggest ways to strengthen a person’s powers of telekinesis. However, just as no one has yet proved how telekinesis works, so too has no one yet proved that any of these exercises to learn telekinesis really work.

Here are some tips to improving telekinesis:

  • Believe you can move objects with your mind.
  • Focus all of your attention and clear your mind of all other thoughts.
  • Give yourself an adequate amount of time to practice daily and don’t give up.
  • Relax, enjoy the process and meditate daily.

Telekinesis Exercise: How to Develop Telekinesis

Although various experts propose a number of different methods of developing telekinesis abilities, here is one exercise that many agree is helpful:

  1. Start with a light object, such as a feather.
  2. Hold it in your hand comfortably and find a comfortable place to sit.
  3. Close your eyes, relax your breathing and clear your mind.
  4. Focus on the object and try to feel its energy.
  5. When you feel that there is no separation between you and the object and you can feel its energy, try to move it.

If the exercise is done correctly, the object should move, according to telekinesis experts and paranormal believers.

However, very few people actually see any results when learning telekinesis. Skeptics argue failing to learn telekinesis proves the ability doesn’t exist. Believers in telekinesis argue that failed attempts to learn telekinesis occur due to self-doubt and mental obstacles.

Famous and Strangest Forms of Telekinesis

One of the most popular physics who claimed to have telekinesis was Nina Kulagina. Kulagina was a Russian woman who said she could move a wide range of objects such as bread, saltshakers and matches.

Many people were skeptical of Kulagina’s abilities because she performed in uncontrolled environments, took a long time to prepare and could have practiced in sleight of the hand.

Uri Geller is another famed psychic who claims to posses the powers of telekinesis. He is an Israeli-British performer who is most famous for spoon and key bending. Some skeptics and magicians believe his telekinesis powers are simply stage magic.

From Poland, Stanislawa Tomczyk claimed to have telekinesis but could only control it under hypnosis. When hypnotized, she put her hands on either side of an object and could levitate it. Tomczyk was tested by a group of scientists from Warsaw. The scientists claimed she produced physical phenomena under strict test conditions.