Taking Pictures

People enjoy taking photos for a variety of reasons. Some people like taking pictures to capture memories, while others like taking photos to share them with friends and family or to document an important event. Still others like taking pictures to make money. Whatever your reason, taking photos can provide you with endless enjoyment.

Likewise, looking at pictures transports us to another time and place, perhaps evoking distant memories, providing education about events in the past or allowing us to glimpse foreign lands and people. Keep reading to get tips on taking photos.

Tips for Taking Photos

Some people take pictures by simply pointing and clicking. While this method will sometimes produce decent or even good photos, taking photos this way will often result in blurry, poor-quality pictures. In order to make sure your photos always turn out good, try the following simple steps for taking photos:

  • Avoid overhead sunlight when taking photos of people, as it can create harsh shadows on their faces.
  • Use a flash, even outdoors and in broad daylight, to counteract shadows that can alter people”s faces. Flashes are also helpful on cloudy days, when you can use them to brighten objects.
  • Use plain backgrounds to enhance your subject matter.
  • When taking pictures, always pay attention to lighting.
  • Whenever possible, be on the level of your subject. Crouch down or climb up higher, if necessary.
  • You can get more interesting compositions if you don”t always put your primary subject directly in the center of your photo.

The Art of Taking Pictures

When taking pictures, remember that you can create a tone and a mood as well as capture an image. Professional photographers do this by analyzing the lighting, composition, contrast, colors and frame, and you can too.

Consider what might enhance the photo. For instance, if you”re taking photos of an interesting building or sculpture, look around to see if any trees could form a nice, natural border to the photo on one or both sides. If you”re going to be taking pictures outside, try to use the interesting early morning light or sunset as a background rather than the harsh and overbearing midday sun.

Taking photos of people allows you to direct the image and move them where you”d like, so don”t be afraid to reposition people or choose the perfect background to your shot.

Finally, you can use digitally editing software to edit all of your photos, whether or not they were taken on a digital camera. (If you used a film camera to take your pictures, you”ll need to scan the pictures and convert them to a digital format.) Digital editing software allows you to manipulate your photos in all sorts of fun ways. You can play with the lighting, change color photos to black-and-white and more!

Taking Photos for Family Albums

A lot of people enjoy taking photos in order to preserve important memories such as holidays, birthdays or family vacations. You can use all of the above-mentioned tips to make the photos in your family album look as if they were taken by pros!

When taking pictures for your family albums, remember that these photos will be passed down from generation to generation. Years from now, your grandchildren could be sitting around looking at pictures and trying to get a feel for you and your family. What will your photos say to them?

Practical Picture Taking

While people enjoy taking pictures of special moments, sometimes you need to take pictures for practical purposes. For instance, in order to make future insurance claims, you might need to take pictures of your valuables and keep them on file. Or, if you are involved in a car accident, you might want to take pictures of damage to your car.

When taking photos for practical purposes, try to use a film-based camera rather than a digital one whenever possible. Pictures on film hold up better than digital images in court, as it”s harder for a person to alter film negatives.