Taking Advantage Of Pre Holiday Sales

When you’re shopping on a budget for Christmas presents, finding sales before Christmas can help you save money while finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Pre-holiday retail sales can be a great opportunity to stretch your holiday budget by purchasing some of your holiday gifts at lower prices.

Seasonal Merchandise in the Retail Market

As anyone who has seen Christmas products in stores in October knows, retail stores, including clothing and gift stores, offer merchandise for the upcoming season before the season actually begins. For example, clothing stores often begin carrying fall merchandise, like pants and sweaters, in August. This means that early fall merchandise, much of which can be worn or used throughout the winter, may go on sale before Christmas. Take advantage of these early-season holiday retail sales.

Additionally, post-Christmas sales can be an excellent time to shop for seasonal items for next year. In many cases, you can save more than half the cost of seasonal items if you buy them after the holiday. Look for ornaments, gift wrap and seasonal gifts that you can give away next year.

Day After Thanksgiving Sales

Known as “Black Friday,” the Friday after Thanksgiving has become one of the most well-known sale days of the year. Many retailers discount items in preparation for the holiday shopping rush. Checking online and paper circulars before you attend these holiday retail sales can make your shopping more efficient and less stressful. You can comparison shop between retailers to find the best price before you even leave the house. If you decide to shop on Black Friday, be prepared to get up early: many stores open early or offer early-bird discounts.

Sign up for Coupons or Email Lists

If you know you’ll be shopping at a particular retailer, such as an electronics or home store, check to see whether they provide special offers for people who sign up for mailing lists. You may be the first to know about sales in stores or online, or receive special discounts or coupons, which will help you in finding sales before Christmas.

Shopping Other Sales

Some gifts, such as toys, games and jewelry, are not seasonal and can be purchased at any time of the year. Finding sales before Christmas and shopping these sales throughout the year for Christmas gifts spreads the costs of your holiday shopping, and allows you to get the best prices on these items. For example, if you have children on your shopping list, check toy stores frequently for sales.