Sweet Sixteen

For most teenagers, having a special sweet 16 party is a big deal. Whether the party consists of simply going out to dinner or throwing a huge bash, it will be a day not soon forgotten.

Turning sweet 16 can be commemorated with a surprise party, a new car as a birthday gift or even just a special meal out with family and friends.

Many teens will want to start the day by taking the long-awaited driving test. If this is on the agenda, make an appointment early in the morning with the DMV or plan on arriving at the crack of dawn to make sure this activity doesnt take up the entire day.

The type of sweet 16 celebration depends strongly on the type of teenager involved and what their preferences are for their special day.

Surprise Sweet 16 Parties

One popular option for celebrating a sweet 16 is a surprise party. This can be difficult to pull off without letting the guest of honor find out or become suspicious, so if youre planning a surprise party, plan another activity also as a decoy, such as dinner or a day of shopping. This way the teen will not think their birthday has been forgotten or ignored, and they will also not suspect what youre planning.

Surprise parties will be most effective when planned by both the parents and a friend or two of the teen turning sweet 16. This way, no family members or friends are left out that the teen would have wanted to invite. Location depends on the number of guests involved and the activities planned.

Reserving a room at a restaurant, having a barbecue out by the pool or even simply decorating a big room at someones house all work well.

For surprise parties, start the planning well in advance, as its harder to plan a party without the honoree finding out or overhearing conversations about the plan. Also, making sure you contact all necessary invitees can take longer in secret.

Sweet 16 Sleepover

Some teens turning sweet 16 just want to be surrounded by their closest friends to spend an entire night watching their favorite movies, listening to music, giving each other spa treatments and generally talking and hanging out.

This option can be quite a money saver, as the only things to purchase for this type of party are food for the guests, like pizza or some other type of delivery, equipment for any spa treatments, like face masks or nail polish, and perhaps a few movie rentals.

Just dont expect any actual sleeping to occur at a birthday sleepover. Parents should plan on keeping the sleepover guests in an area where all-night noise wont be a problem for the rest of the family.

Other Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Other popular sweet 16 party ideas include renting out a large number of bowling lanes and ordering food at a bowling alley or reserving a large area at a skating rink and having food either delivered or ordered from the snack bar. Many of these establishments will allow you to bring decorations as well.

Some teens opt to go on a sweet 16 shopping spree with one or both of their parents. Parents give the teen a pre-set spending limit, take the teen to a mall and spend the day together. Afterwards, a movie or dinner together can be a fun option. The teen may also want friends to join the group at this point to attend the movie or dinner.

Theme parties can also be popular with some teens. Coordinating the decorations, invitations, food and in some cases party attire will round out a theme party. These usually take place at a friend or parents house.