So Close To The Us Traveling To And From The Bahamas

Traveling to and from the Bahamas is convenient by both air and sea thanks to the island nation’s close proximity to the United States. Just 50 miles from Florida, this archipelago is an idyllic tropical getaway that will help retirees feel thousands of miles from home.

Traveling to the Bahamas by Air

With close to 60 airports on the islands, traveling to and from the Bahamas by air is incredibly convenient. Flights from Miami to the Bahamian capital of Nassau can take just 35 minutes, traveling from New York City can take under three hours and flights from Los Angeles only take seven hours.
Generally, the most expensive time to fly to the Bahamas is the winter. Fall, spring and summer flights are usually more budget-friendly. Most major airlines service the Bahamas from the United States, including AirTran