Small Pets

While dogs and cats are great, your circumstances might not allow for a typical furry pet. But you still want a pet, so what do you do? Consider getting a small pet. While you probably can”t interact with them as you would a dog or cat, small pets still make great companions.

Even Cinderella Had Mice

Pet mice and pet rats are very cool pets: They”re quiet and clean with minimal maintenance issues…and you can actually play with them! Hamsters and guinea pigs come in a variety of styles and coat types. (Nutrition tip: Guinea pigs have a daily vitamin C requirement.) They”re a bit larger and more vocal, but still very practical houseguests.

The Tortoise and the Hare

Bunny rabbits are popular and can be kept indoorseven trained to use a litter box. Beware, however: Rabbits grow larger than the cute juvenile rabbits you see in the pet stores around Easter. Their urine odor can be a bit stronger than other rodents so many folks opt to house them outside.

Believe it or not, even pet turtles make great pets. They don”t play fetch, but on the other hand, they won”t shred your drapes either.

The Growing Popularity of Ferrets

Ferrets are a favorite of an increasing number of people. They”re sleek and playful and watching them is a great delight to ferret lovers. Beware, though: Some states have laws prohibiting ferrets as pets. But this is changing as politicians become more educated and informed about their suitability as pets. As one owner was quoted, “Living with ferrets is like living with a small furry circus.” Prospective ferret owners should have patience, a sense of humor and be willing to devote time each day to playing and interacting with this busy charmer.

“It”s Better Down Where It”s Wetter”

Fish make great pets. Sure you can”t pet them or play with them as you would with a dog or cat (or even a turtle), but fish can bring life and color to your home. Aquariums are available in sizes to match any space, making tropical fish an ideal pet choice.

Fish also make a great starting point for children. If they can”t be trusted to take care of fish, you probably wouldn”t want to bring a dog or cat into the household.

You Can”t Go Wrong With Birds

Birds remain a favorite due to their small size, easy maintenance and pleasant vocalizations. While a bird with the verbal mimicking talents of a mynah bird might not appeal to everyone, a colorful, friendly parakeet makes an ideal companion. An African Grey parrot is much more gregarious and interactive than a finch, for example, but both can provide entertainment and companionship.

So expand your thinking. Pet mice, gerbils, hamsters, rats, ferrets, fish, birds, rabbits, guinea pigssmall pets are affordable, entertaining and portable, and each would be delighted and grateful to share your home.