Simple Toddlers Party Games And Crafts

Toddler birthday parties can be a lot of fun for you, your child and the little guests. In planning these parties, you may be thinking of including crafts for toddlers and party games. With some care and planning, you can plan a party jam-packed with activities that everyone will enjoy. Learn how to plan fun games and crafts for toddlers.

Keep Toddlers’ Party Games Appropriate

Developmentally, toddlers can’t yet process complex directions and they have a low tolerance for frustration. When planning toddler birthday parties, plan simple games, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Follow the Leader. You can even personalize these toddlers’ party games by adapting them to go with the party’s theme. For instance, you could turn Pin the Tail on the Donkey into Pin the Backpack on Dora, or a similar variation.

Flexible Games and Crafts for Toddlers

The toddler crowd is a fickle bunch, so make sure you have plenty of activities on hand. Certain games or crafts for toddlers may not go over as well as you’d imagined; be prepared to switch gears and start something new. In order to keep things moving smoothly, have a couple extra activities planned.

On the other hand, if your party guests are enjoying a particular activity, don’t feel obligated to move on to other crafts for toddlers or party games: Let them enjoy the activity that’s currently keeping their attention.

Toddler Birthday Parties and Variety

In addition to being picky when it comes to activities, toddlers tend to get bored easily and often have short attention spans. In addition, each guest will have his own unique personality and temperament. For this reason, toddler birthday parties should feature various kinds of activities.

Mixing both high-speed, active games like Freeze Tag, with more calm activities, like sitting down with coloring pages, is likely to appeal to everyone.