Sig Sg 550

When it comes to selecting the most versatile assault rifles, the SIG SG 550 is a strong contender. Lightweight, easy to operate and with features such as the ability to fire a three-round burst, the SIG SG 550 has proven to be the weapon of choice for both military and civilian use.

Developed in Switzerland in the 1970s and known as the Stgw.90 for Swiss Army forces, the SIG SG 550 (the name for the export version) has taken on a variety of roles.

As a sniper rifle, the SIG SG 550 can be outfitted with a commercial telescope sight. In fact, all SIG SG 550 assault rifles come ready to be fitted for a detachable scope and night vision equipment. Plus, the diopter and sharpshooting sights are fully adjustable for both elevation and wind adjustability.

From military to police SWAT tactical teams, the weapon of choice has often been the SIG SG 550. With the capacity to fire 700 rounds per minute, this assault rifle has both a 20 and 30 round magazine capacity. Also featured with a gas port regulator at both the open and closed positions, the SIG SG 550 has the ability to fire rifle grenades.

Features of the SIG SG 550

In the field, the SIG SG 550 has proven to be easy to use in combat as soldiers need only one hand to operate this assault rifle. The rifle is interchangeable between hands; it does not matter whether the shooter is left- or right-handed. Upon firing, empty shells fly forward at a distance of up to five meters, making case deflectors or shields unnecessary.

Accuracy is another term associated with this assault rifle, thanks to features such as:

  • a heavy, fixed barrel
  • a long site base
  • a standard equipped bipod
  • chamber and bore hammer-forged simultaneously.

The SIG SG 550 ‘s triggering mechanism is superior, breaking clean once the slack has been removed.

As a weapon of versatility, one of the best features that separate the SIG SG 550 from other assault rifles is that it can be optimally customized to fit the individual shooter. In fact, the following 11 adjustable features on the SIG SG 550 make this rifle fully compatible to the shooter:

  • bipod angle of inclination
  • bipod left/right
  • bipod leg height up/down
  • buttplate in/out
  • buttplate rotation
  • buttplate up/down
  • cheek piece up/down
  • pistol grip hand rest up/down
  • pistol grip rake
  • scope mount eye relief
  • scope mount left/right.

The SIG SG 550 uses .223 Remington cartridges and magazines can be clipped together and changed rapidly, further making this assault rifle one of the easiest to use in the field.

Because the SIG SG 550/551 assault rifles are a family group, parts and components are interchangeable, making obtaining pieces easy. In combat, stripping the weapon, cleaning and reassembling it could be accomplished in a timely manner without the need for tools.

Although lightweight, the SIG SG 550 is a durable weapon, having undergone a series of durability tests by its manufacturer, SIGARMS Organization of Switzerland. The rifle ‘s chief importer, Capital City Firearms of Richmond, Virginia, can no longer bring the SIG SG 550 to the United States. The purchase price before the import restriction is said to be roughly $10,000.