Sig P220

The SIG P220 is a type of hand gun manufactured in Switzerland. Since it is a semi-automatic pistol, it fires one round each time the trigger is pulled. Unlike some other types of firearms, the SIG P220 has one barrel and one chamber.

J.P. Sauer und Sohn GmbH and SIG Arms AG

The German company J.P. Sauer und Sohn GmbH is the manufacturer of the SIG P220, but is not responsible for its design. That honor falls to Swiss Arms AG, a company specializing in small arms. Swiss Arms AG was known as SIG Arms AG until the year 2000. At that time, it was bought by SIG, a German company. SIGARMS is the name of the company responsible for importing the product into the United States.

The standard SIG P220 weighs 800 grams, while the stainless steel version is heavier at 1,130 grams. It measures 198 mm in length. Since it is generally used as a service weapon, it is most effective for relatively close, small targets.

History of the SIG P220

The SIG P220 was designed for use by the Swiss Army to replace a previous version, the SIG P210, which had been in use since World War II. When the SIG P220 was in development, SIG worked with the gun ‘s current manufacturer, J.P. Sauer und Sohn GmbH. In recognition of that collaboration, the SIG P220 is referred to as a SIG-Sauer pistol.

This hand gun was issued to Swiss Army personnel starting in 1975. Members of the Japanese and Danish Armed Forces also use this model.

Available Models of the SIG P220

A number of models are available to SIG P220 users. Here is a list of the types available:

  • P220 Carry
  • P220 Combat
  • P220 Compact
  • P220 ST
  • P225
  • P245.

If a user wants a shorter gun barrel and slide (3.9 inches as opposed to the standard size of 4.4 inches), the P220 Carry is the model of choice. This model is available in single action only, double action/single action or double action variants.

The Compact style is a new one on the market and is made to replace the P245 model, which has been discontinued. It also has a shortened slide and a beavertail on the gun grip.

Buying a P220 Combat model means that you receive a gun with a “Dark Flat Earth ” colored frame equipped with night sights. The Combat is available in double action/single action and double action variants. It fires .45 caliber bullets, and can be outfitted to accept a suppressor (silencer).

The P220 ST is made from stainless steel and is available in a silver finish. Some police departments have purchased this model in a black finish to use as trial and evaluation guns.

When a more compact weapon is desired, the SIG P225 fits the bill. The barrel on this weapon measures just under four inches and can hold up to eight 9 mm rounds. Some police forces have chosen to issue this gun to their officers, including those in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. It is also issued to Canadian Navy personnel to be carried when boarding vessels.

The P245 was originally designed to be carried by civilians. Its small size makes it easily concealable. Some police officers carry the P245 as a backup weapon. This gun can take anywhere from six to 10 round magazines.

The MSRP of the SIG P220 is 999.95 dollars (with night sights). This is considered a good price for this SIG classic piece.