Shopping For Christmas Gifts

Many people love the Christmas holiday season but dread shopping for Christmas presents. While it”s hard enough to come up with a list of Christmas gifts for friends, family members and acquaintances, it can be even harder to track down and purchase these perfect presents.

Luckily, Christmas shopping doesn”t have to cause headaches and stress. In fact, by following a few simple tips, you might even enjoy shopping for Christmas presents.

Christmas Shopping: Support Your Local Stores

If you hate fighting the crowds at the mall during Christmas shopping season, why not head to some of your local independent stores? Neighborhood stores often offer one-of-a-kind gifts that you can”t find at the mall. Also, small stores tend to get less foot traffic during the holiday shopping season.

Shopping at local stores will not only help you find great gifts and beat the crowds, but it will also help support your community!

Black Friday: The Best Day to Shop for Christmas Presents?

Many people know the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday, a day that has been called the busiest Christmas shopping day of the year. As most people have the day after Thanksgiving off of work, stores attempt to draw in the crowds and signal the beginning of the Christmas shopping season by slashing prices and offering impressive deals on highly desired gifts.

While many people venture to the stores on Black Friday to get great deals on Christmas gifts, others avoid shopping on the day to avoid the crowds. When trying to decide whether or not to shop for Christmas gifts on Black Friday, ask yourself the following:

  • Does it bother me to deal with large groups of people, many of whom are scrambling to get the limited quantities of sale items?
  • How long will the sales that begin on Black Friday last? Can I get the best price only on Black Friday?
  • Is it worth it to pay a few dollars more for Christmas gifts in exchange for having to deal with fewer people?
  • Will it bother me to have to drive around the parking lot for longer than usual in order to get a parking spot?

Christmas Gifts Cards:

The Prefect Present? These days, more and more stores and restaurants are offering gift certificates and gift cards. You can purchase these cards either in stores or from a company”s Web site.

With a gift card, you know your friend or family member will get a gift they”ll love because they”ll be able to pick it out for themselves! While some people consider gift cards impersonal, others view them as the perfect Christmas present.

Avoid the Rush: Shop With Catalogs and Online

Even if you decide to skip Black Friday Christmas shopping, there are still ways to get great prices on Christmas gifts and avoid the hustle and bustle of crowds of Christmas shoppers. Although many people enjoy examining merchandise in person, catalog shopping and online shopping are fast, easy ways to accomplish all of your Christmas shopping:

  • Christmas shopping via catalog: Merchandise catalogs have been around for more than 100 years. Most major department stores and many smaller stores offer print catalogs that shoppers can either pick up in the stores or receive through the mail. To receive a print catalog from a store, all you have to do is request one either online or via phone.Shopping through catalogs allows you to view merchandise and read descriptions of items before you purchase them. Once you”ve made your selections, you can either call them in to a customer representative or send your order through the mail. Or, you can do what more and more Christmas shoppers are doing every year: Use the print catalog to make your selections and then go online to make the actual order.While shipping can be a problem with catalog orders, many companies offer rush shipping and even free shipping during the Christmas season.
  • Online Christmas Shopping: These days, more and more people are doing all of their Christmas shopping online. Shopping for Christmas gifts online is a quick, easy and often fun way to find unique Christmas gifts. With online shopping, you can jump from store to store and compare merchandise and prices without even leaving your house!As a plus, many companies offer items online that they do not offer in their stores or in their print catalogs. Therefore, online shopping can not only offer you great prices, but it can also provide you the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise!While many large department stores and smaller stores you find in malls have Web sites, there are also sites that offer merchandise from a number of suppliers. Often, these sites offer descriptions, brand comparisons and consumer reviews of products.Online shopping can be extremely convenient during the Christmas season, as many online retailers offer free shipping or discounted shipping during the holidays. Often, you can even ship items from one order to multiple locations.