Shop To Support Small And Local Food Businesses Online

Many people enjoy eating foods produced locally. The ingredients are fresh, and supporting local businesses helps the community. However, locally sourced foods can sometimes be difficult to find, as foods produced by small businesses may not be available in chain grocery stores.

Find a solution by shopping for local food online, and getting local or organic food delivery to your home.

Why Buy Local Foods?

Locally produced foods made by small companies are often freshly produced in small batches. Many local foods are less likely to contain preservatives or additives. Others are certified organic.

Some shops that sell local food online also produce non-food items, such as handmade wreaths, candles and bath and body products. You can help promote the success of local businesses through online food shopping. This benefits both small business owners and the community.

People who suffer from allergies find relief when they eat local honey. If your area beekeepers can’t afford to maintain a store, encourage them to market local food online so that you can have a supply of honey all year round.

Purchase Local Foods Online Directly from the Company

You may have visited a local company such as a vineyard, bakery or specialty food maker that produces jams, sauces, pickles or other products. If the shop is in your neighborhood, you can purchase items in the store. However, if items are out of stock, or if you don’t live nearby, consider buying from the store’s website.

For example, if you’re on vacation and visit a local food shop, you may not be able to take the products on your flight home. If you don’t wish to place an order for shipment when you’re at the store, you can search the internet for a company website. Order from home and have your online food shopping purchases shipped directly to your house.

Purchase Local Foods: Online Specialty Food Markets

Some online shops provide products from numerous small companies. For example:

  • Some sites function as brokers, and buyers and sellers can make direct transactions of freshly made food products. When you do your online food shopping on these sites, you can buy a wide variety of homemade and locally produced food from individuals, which can be shipped to your home.
  • Other sites allow you to place an order online and schedule a pickup with local merchants. It’s an easy way for individuals, companies and restaurants to purchase local foods online.
  • The website allows you to search for farmers’ markets and organic food providers in your area or across the country. The site directs you to markets near you where you can shop in person. You can also search their online store for organic, natural and locally sourced products that can be shipped to your home.