Setting A Toddler Birthday Party Schedule

Do you want to throw a birthday party for your toddler, but you don’t know which birthday party schedule is best? Learn how to plan toddlers’ birthday parties and determine the right birthday party schedule to keep things running smoothly. Follow these guidelines when planning your toddler’s birthday party schedule and choosing toddler party games.

Keep Toddlers’ Birthday Parties Short

When little ones are involved, brevity is often best. Schedule your tot’s party for no more than two hours, as toddlers don’t have long attention spans. Young children can also become over-stimulated easily, leading to temper tantrums.

Keep the guest list small and don’t worry about planning a lot of toddler party games. Choose activities that your child enjoys and that are simple to prepare and clean up. Stay away from toddler party games that have complex rules or encourage competition, as these elements can quickly lead to frustration.

Toddlers’ Birthday Parties: Timing is Everything

When planning a birthday party schedule, time of day is one of the most important considerations. Keep your child’s naptime in mind when deciding on the arrival time for guests. The best time to get the party going is either before or after your little one’s regular naptime, with a significant window of time between events. Doing so will lessen the chance of your child getting cranky during his party.

Choose a Flexible Birthday Party Schedule

Draw up a loose time frame of events so you have a general idea of how long each part of the party will last. Set aside a half an hour at the beginning for free play and getting settled in. Fifteen-minute blocks after that for toddler party games or other activities should suffice, with another half an hour scheduled for food, ice cream and cake. Schedule another small block of time for a closing activity and for your child to pass out goody bags at the end of her party.

These are just examples of how you can plan ahead, but always leave room for flexibility. Have some extra surprises up your sleeve in case kids get bored or certain toddler party games aren’t going well.