Save Money With Online Grocery Coupons

You may think that coupon clipping is a thing of the past or a pastime for the most frugal of shoppers. Even when you don’t shop for groceries online, web technology has made saving money on groceries easier than ever. Look online for grocery coupons for your most needed items, then print them out and use them to save during your weekly trips to the grocery store.

Where Can I Find Grocery Coupons?

Printable online grocery coupons are available from numerous websites. Many are organized with check boxes next to each item. Print the grocery coupons of your choice by simply checking the coupons you want. Some coupon websites require membership, but most don’t.

Extend Your Savings

You can further increase your savings in-store when you combine your online grocery coupons with other promotions. Check your mail for circulars or pick one up from the store.

Some stores or manufacturers’ coupons have restrictions on combining discounts. These are usually listed on the coupon or posted with the item. Check the fine print to see whether you can combine your discounts.

Some retailers double your coupons, further increasing your savings. Check with your local grocery store to see if they offer coupon doubling.

Stock Up and Save

When you combine your free online coupons with store sales, you can purchase merchandise at a considerable discount. Use this opportunity to stock up on:

  • Freezable items, such as ground beef or chicken
  • Frequently used items like toothpaste or laundry detergent
  • Nonperishable items such as canned goods.

Purchase only what you have space to store, and don’t stock up on perishable food items that you can’t use within a week.

Organizing Your Free Online Coupons

Using discount coupons sounds simple, but you can easily collect coupons and misplace them, forget you have them or neglect to use them before the expiration date.

Create a system to organize your coupons. Purchase a small file and organize them by product, by date or by store. You can even write your coupons on your grocery list so you don’t forget to use them at checkout.

Create a system that works for you, and include a search for online grocery coupons as a regular part of your grocery shopping routine.