Rules Of Standard Play

Players: Two players, or two teams of 8-9 players

Darts: Three for each player


The object of Standard Play is to be the first team or player to reach zero from a starting score of 501. During his turn, a player throws three darts and subtracts his total from his previous score until he reaches zero.

This game is simple, but it becomes tricky as the players near the zero score. To win, a player not only has to reach zero exactly, but also must obtain it through a “double.” For example, if a player has 18 points left, he needs to hit a double 9 in order to win. The closer each player gets to zero, the more exciting and difficult Standard Play becomes.

Standard Play can also be started from point values of 301, 601, 801, 1001 and any other value ending in 01. This is a popular game played throughout the world.

Other Rules of Standard Play:

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