Road Safety

Many pets love a ride in the car, but large heavy objects traveling at high speeds can be deadly to a helpless animal.

Road Safety in the Car

Have you ever seen an untethered dog in the back of a pickup truck? How about an animal riding loose in a car? What would happen to these animals in an accident?

We”re required by law to wear seatbelts for a reason. In a car accident, passengers who are not secured by a seatbelt are thrown around (or out of) the vehicle, risking injury or worse. The solution for keeping our pets safe is quite simple: Keep them secured. But how?

  • Instead of letting your dog loose in the back of a truck, use a large kennel that can be secured to the bed. Or you might try a special truck tether that attaches to both sides of the bed at the cab, allowing your dog the freedom to go from one side to the other.
  • Secure a medium-sized or large dog with a canine seatbelt inside your vehicle.
  • Cats, small dogs, birds, rabbits, reptiles, pocket pets and other small animals should be kept in a carrier or cage.

Road Safety While Walking the Dog

When walking your dog, be aware of…

  • other animals, both on a leash and loose (and even behind a fence). The need to protect often leads to aggression, whether your dog is trying to protect you or another dog is trying to protect his owner or yard. And sometimes curiosity does kill the cat. If you have a dog who thinks that cats are chew toys, keep a good handle on her lest she bring down the wrath of the cat”s owner.
  • vehicles in the area. The drivers of those vehicles should be able to see both you and your dog easily. One way to ensure this is reflective gear. You should wear a brightly colored jacket or vest. For your dog, many reflective collars, harnesses, leashes, and even jackets are designed with your dog”s safety in mind.

Something that may not readily come to mind when walking your dog is his sex drive. The canine sex drive is so strong that male dogs can come from a long way just to be near a female dog “in season.” If you have an intact dog, this is something that should definitely be on your mindespecially if he or she is off lead or is able to dig or climb out of your yard.

If you have a child who takes your dog on a daily walk, make sure that your child knows how to control your dog. For you, your child and your dog”s safety, your dog should be trained in the “rules of the road.”