Rifles Types Caliber Manufacturers

For many hunters and gun aficionados, nothing compares to rifles. Rifles are firearms that are designed to be fired from the shoulder. This means that the shooter must place the butt of the rifle against his shoulder in order to properly shoot the weapon.

The rifle gets its name from the grooves, or rifling, that are cut into the walls of the rifle’s barrels. When a person pulls the trigger, the bullet that is released comes into contact with the raised areas of these grooves, which puts spin on the bullet. This improves the weapon’s accuracy and range.

Types of Rifles

There are a number of rifles for sale on the market, each offering different features. Here’s a list of some of the more popular types of rifles:

  • Air Rifles: An air rifle is a gun that uses compressed air or another gas, such as carbon dioxide, to fire projectiles. Air rifles have been used since the 15th century, though today many cities restrict the sale and possession of air rifles.
  • Deer Rifles: A deer rifle, as the name implies, is a rifle that is well-suited to hunting deer. You’ll find a number of deer rifles for sale, many of which can also be used for other activities.
  • Hunting Rifles: Hunting rifles are used in the sport of hunting. Often, you’ll hear hunting rifles referred to as deer rifles, and vice versa. Today’s hunting rifles have stocks composed of fiberglass and carbon fiber and offer excellent accuracy.
  • Target Rifles: Target rifles are most often marketed as sniper rifles. When referring to rifles used by the military and law enforcement, the term “sniper rifle” is used to describe a rifle that is extremely accurate at great distances. Sniper rifles often feature telescopic sights, which are commonly known as rifle scopes. Rifle scopes give the shooter improved accuracy.

In addition, many rifle manufacturers offer custom rifles. Custom rifles allow you to tailor a weapon to meet your specific needs.

Caliber Rifles

When referring to a rifle, the term “caliber” refers to the interior diameter of the rifle’s barrel. The caliber can be measured in inches, hundredths of an inch or in millimeters. For instance, a rifle that has a barrel with an interior diameter of .30 will be called a .30 caliber rifle.

Rifle Manufacturers

There are a number of rifle manufacturers currently producing rifles for sale to the public. Some of the more well-known rifle manufacturers include:

  • Browning: The Browning Arms Company was established in 1927. The company produces a number of Browning rifles and weapons, including the Colt, Remington and Winchester.
  • Henry: The Henry Repeating Arms Company manufactures Henry rifles. The company, whose corporate motto is “Made in America and Priced Right,” produces the Henry Lever Action, the Henry Golden Boy and the Henry U.S. Survival rifle, a Henry rifle that fits in a backpack.
  • Marlin Firearms: Marlin Firearms manufactures the Model 39 and the Model 336, the oldest shoulder arm designs in the world that are still being manufactured. Marlin rifles include lever-action cowboy rifles, bolt-action rifles and auto-loading rifles.