Retiring In Costa Rica The Geography And Climate Of Costa Rica

You’ll want to consider the geography and climate of Costa Rica before purchasing a retirement home there. The tropical country is home to an eclectic range of landscapes.

The Geography and Climate of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located on the Central American Isthmus, situated between Nicaragua and Panama. The terrain of Costa Rica is a coastal plain, separated by rugged mountains running north to south through the center of the land.
At least 100 volcanoes are documented in the mountains, five of which are currently active. The large amount of volcanic activity results from Costa Rica’s location on the border of two tectonic plates, the Cocos Plate (on the Pacific side) and the Caribbean Plate.
The Caribbean Sea lies to the east of Costa Rica, and the country’s west coast faces the Pacific Ocean. The tropical lowlands on the coasts of Costa Rica are one of the main geographical areas in the country. The other regions are the North Central Plains, the Central Valley and the Northwest Peninsula. The Central Valley is home to the capital city, San Jos