Retiring In Costa Rica Activities For American Retirees In Costa Rica

As you research activities for American retirees in Costa Rica, you’ll find plenty of exhilarating and relaxing activities for your golden years.

Activities for Americans in Costa Rica: Water Sports

If you’re quickly bored by inactivity, Costa Rica has lots of exciting water sports, including white water rafting and kayaking. You can find rivers suitable for nearly any level of fitness or experience, guaranteeing a thrilling journey through the tropical wilderness. You can also surf or scuba dive in Costa Rica; the abundance of marine life in the region will make the experience fun and fascinating.

Taking Canopy Tours of Costa Rica’s Jungle

Canopy tours of Costa Rica began as an effort of American scientists looking to study trees and wildlife–without touching any plants or animals. Some canopy tours use rope bridges and walkways connecting platforms high up in the rainforest trees, while others use zip lines.

Visiting the Arenal Volcano National Park

The Arenal Volcano National Park, located in the center of Costa Rica, surrounds the Arenal Volcano, which has been active since July 29th, 1968. Lava and hot ash continuously pour out of the volcanic vents, creating natural evening fireworks to be safely viewed from a distance. Many outdoor activities like ATV-off roading and windsurfing are available in the park, and you can soak in thermal springs at nearby resorts.

Activities for American Retirees in Costa Rica: Leisurely Pursuits

In addition to simply relaxing on the beach and reading a book, retiring in Costa Rica offers various other leisure activities. The country features plenty of spa facilities and golf courses. If you’re a coffee aficionado, consider taking a coffee tour. You’ll learn how Costa Rican coffee is grown, harvested and processed–and you’ll be able to sample a cup or two!
You can also book a cruise or tour of lakes, gulfs and the Caribbean. Fishing is common all over Costa Rica; the country’s Pacific Coast is particularly renowned for world-class sport fishing. Bird-watching is another popular pursuit in Costa Rica, which is home to many colorful and rare birds, including toucans, parakeets, macaws and other types of parrots.
The geography and climate of Costa Rica varies widely across the country. Many hiking, biking, horseback riding and walking trails allow retirees to fully experience the natural features of this Latin American nation.