Retiring Abroad Staying In Contact With Family Friends

Retiring abroad and living overseas can present some obstacles for ex-patriots who would like to stay in contact with family and friends still living back at home. Busy retirees know how difficult it is to stay in contact with active friends and grown children even while living in the same town. Some retirees decide to abandon the idea of living overseas because they assume that maintaining contact will present too many obstacles and cause too much anxiety.

Efforts to stay in contact may have caused problems a few decades ago, but with the help of modern phone and computer technology, this should no longer be a serious concern for those who are considering retiring abroad.

Retiring Abroad and Stays Connected

If you are thinking about retiring abroad, you may want to investigate and familiarize yourself with your communication options before you leave. Make the most of free or almost-free services like Google’s Gmailâ„¢ calling feature, or voiceover internet protocol (VOIP) options like Skypeâ„¢. To stay in contact using Skypeâ„¢, you’ll need a computer, internet access and a webcam, but once you have these three things, the setup is easy and calls between two Skypeâ„¢ users are free.

If you plan to stay in contact by phone, find an economical international calling card or calling service.

Retiring Abroad and Flying Home

Many retirees establish a residence in another country but come home for a few months each year to visit or spend holidays with loved ones. If you’re planning on living overseas and flying home one or more times per year, it’s a good idea to make sure you find practical and economical ways to do so. You may want to leave your pets with a trusted friend or relative instead of subjecting them to stressful plane flights for short visits. Take advantage of frequent flyer programs, and consider opening a credit card with reward services that can be used to finance your flights.