Retirement Party

Retirement is a remarkable achievement that marks the end of a persons working life. For this reason, many people like to celebrate the occasion by throwing a retirement party. If you are approaching retirement or know someone who is, keep reading for tips on planning a retirement party.

The First Considerations

Like planning any event, planning a retirement party should start with setting the budget. Once you know how much you can afford to spend on the party, you will know how many people you can invite, as well as where you want to host the party. Some locations you can hold the party include:

  • a park
  • a reception hall
  • a restaurant
  • your home or the home of a friend.

While the partys location depends on how much you can afford to spend, it will also depend on how many people you (and the retiree) want to invite. For example, although more intimate retirement parties will be fun in someones home, larger parties will need the space offered by a reception hall or the private dining room of a restaurant.

Another aspect to consider is the personality and feelings of the retiree for whom you are planning the party. For instance, if the retiree is shy, a large, raucous party may make him uncomfortable. Alternatively, a very social person may prefer a larger party where she can mingle and celebrate with family, friends and co-workers.

Retirement Party Ideas: Planning a Fun Celebration!

There are many fun ways that attendees can send off a memorable retiree. One great way to set a fun tone for the retirement party is to set a theme for the event that incorporates hobbies that the honoree enjoys or after-retirement plans. While you may make the theme elaborate, requiring each guest to dress in a particular costume, you can also have the partys theme be milder so that it only affects the decorations and setting.

Another fun tradition for retirement parties is to plan a “roast” of the retiree. Get together with the retirees co-workers and friends and set some ground rules to keep the joking fun and appropriate. You can then have each person perform the jokes or skits at the retirement party, or make a video that compiles each performance to show the retiree at the event.

The most important part of planning a roast is to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak or toast the retiree. Because not everyone is comfortable speaking in public, you may want to give each person a token of some sort that they must “cash in” with the retiree before the event is over. The guest can make a public announcement to everyone, or simply go directly to the retiree to give him pleasant wishes for a happy retirement.

Along with having a theme and/or planning a roast, you can also plan a few activities, depending on how long you plan on having the event last. One conventional retirement party game idea is to wrap up an alarm cock and let everyone in attendance have a whack at it with a hammer, kind of like a piata. This party game symbolizes how the retiree will no longer have to worry about the morning alarm.

Decorations for a Retirement Party

If you have set a theme for the retirement party, picking out decorations will be relatively easy. For example, if you choose a Hawaiian theme, decorate the party venue with tiki torches, leis and a few tropical plants.

However, because you are planning a retirement party, the overriding theme, regardless of other themes you may incorporate, is the retiree. Consequently, why not decorate the location with pictures of the retiree through the different stages of his or her life? Place these pictures around the room or at each table. If the event will be at the retirees home, pull out all of the persons awards, family pictures and any other fun personal effects that reflect his or her passions and interests.

Another fun and useful decoration idea is to set disposable cameras on each table. Much in the style of some weddings, you can ask each guest to take pictures at some point in the night. After the event, develop the pictures, put them in an album and give them to the retiree. If you have a larger budget for the retirement party, you may want to hire a professional videographer to capture this significant milestone.

Retirement Gifts

A classic gift is a photo album or scrapbook. Ask people from work to bring in a few pictures of the retiree along with a short letter addressed to the retiree. Often times, people take pictures at work or group events that others never even see. Some of the photos may be funny or touching to the recipient. Compile these photos and letters in an album and present them to the retiree at the event.