Reasons To Retire In Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. Nearly a third of the country’s population lives in Auckland. Many Americans retire in Auckland, New Zealand, and it continually ranks among the world’s most livable cities.

Art and Culture

If the easy-going Kiwi culture lures you into Auckland, you may never look back. Auckland’s culture is perfect for the fun-loving retiree. It’s a cosmopolitan city, and its residents come from all over the world.
Auckland has a larger Polynesian population than any city in the world. Visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum for a sampling of Polynesian Art as well as military history exhibits. In addition to the War Memorial, the museum houses one of New Zealand’s most impressive collections of art. Visitors can see everything from Maori art and performances to foreign contemporary art exhibitions.
For a true taste of Kiwi culture, spend your Saturday morning at the Otara Market. The multicultural market opens at 6 a.m. every Saturday, and vendors all nationalities and cultures vie for your business. Traditional crafts, foods and novelty items are integrated with work from emerging local artists and designers.
Retirees new to Auckland can get acquainted with the city on one of its many Heritage Walks. They take a few hours, but participants receive a comprehensive history lesson as they explore different neighborhoods.

Activities for Retiring in Auckland

Ecotourism is a major industry in New Zealand, and Auckland is no exception. Nicknamed the City of Sails, maritime culture is the backbone of Auckland’s society. Charter options are available for everything from fishing to diving.
If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in your retirement, consider volunteering at the Atuanui Restoration Project. The project helps preserve native plant and animal species in the forests around Mt. Auckland. Volunteers perform a number of tasks, from technical assistance to research, maintenance and pest management.
One of Auckland’s most popular attractions is the Stardome Observatory and Planetarium. Displays and exhibits are free, and shows are usually about $15. Features include exhibits on the history of the universe and how the Maori used the stars as their navigation system.
For another museum full of Maori culture and history, travel to Northland, Waikaito and Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.