Reasons For Retiring In The Republic Of Chile

If you’re looking for a South American retirement destination, you may want to consider retiring in the Republic of Chile. This intriguing nation, located along the Pacific coast of South America, offers retirees a stunning natural setting in addition to various cultural and historical sights.

A Basic Overview of Chile

Chile is home to 17 million people as of 2010. It borders Argentina for almost the entirety of its eastern side, and also borders Peru to the north and Bolivia to the northeast.
Most of the nation’s population lives in urban areas, with nearly half of Chile’s citizens concentrated in the capital city of Santiago and the surrounding vicinity. As a result, a fair amount of the country’s area is sparsely populated. This can be considered a positive attribute, as retirees will be able to live in a thriving city while also being able to journey outside of the urban areas and enjoy the tranquility of Chile’s rural, natural settings.

Highlights of a Chilean Retirement: Wonders of Easter Island

One of the most intriguing features of Chile is Easter Island, an island territory of the South American nation since 1888. Located slightly less than 400 miles from Chile’s coast, this island is home to the Rapa Nui National park, widely known for its mysterious stone sculptures, carved by Polynesian inhabitants of the island between the 13th and 16th centuries. A fascinating sight for any individual, the park is listed as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site.

Resources for Retirees in Santiago, Chile’s Capital

For a complete alternative to the historical attractions of Easter Island, the major city of Santiago will provide you with all the expected resources of a thriving metropolis. For much of its recent history, particularly since the 1990s, Santiago has been considered the center of an economically sound and politically stable country.
The features of Santiago run the gamut between historically significant buildings of the Spanish colonial period and the contemporary features and nightlife of neighborhoods such as Bellavista and San Cristobal.
In terms of Chilean real estate, Santiago and the surrounding areas can provide retirees with suitable housing. Some of the optimal real estate options in Chile are in Santiago suburbs such as Las Condes, La Reina, Vitacura, Barneachea and others.