Psychic Predictions For 2008

Psychics and their questionable abilities to foretell the future fascinate people today just as much as they have throughout the centuries. Since the times of Nostradamus, psychics have been using their abilities to predict what might happen, both in the immediate and distant future. One famous psychic, Dorothy Allison, made JonBenet Ramsey psychic predications, claiming that she had ‘seen’ the man who committed the murder.

Every year, we look to see what predictions famous psychics make and then evaluate them to see whether they have come true. Here are some recent predictions by famous psychics.

Sylvia Browne’s Predictions

Sylvia Browne makes psychic predictions every year. One site, admittedly run by skeptics, has assessed how she did on her predictions for 2006. As well as general predictions for the weather, her predictions included:

  • the availability of a vaccination for stomach and colon cancer, which this did not come to fruition
  • the marriage of Bruce Willis, who was still single at the start of 2007
  • the reduction of troop levels in Iraq, which proved to be correct
  • the U.S. decision not to invade, which also proved to be correct.

Sylvia Browne has also made psychic predictions for 2008. These include predictions such as:

  • Barack Obama will be the Democratic presidential candidate.
  • breakthroughs in the treatment of diabetes
  • increases in the incidence of measles and mumps
  • the return home of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Peter Serraino’s Predictions

Peter Serraino is another famous psychic who has also made predictions for this year. Some of his predictions include:

  • a revolution in China in January 2008
  • a tsunami on the East Coast of the United States in April 2008
  • Cuba will be opened to trade in November 2008
  • Hillary Clinton will become the first female president of the United States.

Barbara Garcia’s Predictions

Other psychics have also predicted natural disasters and the results of the U.S. Election. Barbara Garcia’s predictions include:

  • an early end to the writer’s strike in Hollywood
  • many natural disasters, including a tsunami
  • the discovery of a new planet
  • the election of a woman as president (predicted in 1999 to happen within the first 15 years of this century).

So, how likely is it that these predictions will come true? With many 2008 psychic predictions, Iraq is under the spotlight, and there’s no denying that the war is a contentious issue. News reports have been saying for some years that a withdrawal is on the horizon, and it’s certainly an election issue.

Psychic Predictions: Hits or Misses

Psychics are divided on the results of the Democratic nomination. With Obama currently running ahead, it may be that the United States has to wait some time for a woman president. However, the race isn’t over yet.

In China, the only revolution that seems likely so far is a revolution in the use of Web technology, with the number of Internet users in China set to surpass the number in the United States any day now.

With Fidel Castro stepping down, the time is ripe for change in Cuba. However, Raul Castro’s first actions have been to reinforce the power of the old guard, making it unlikely that there will be major changes in Cuba in the near future.

While there are occasional reports of an outbreak of mumps or measles, no evidence has suggested that an epidemic is on the horizon. In contrast, with constant research taking place, it seems likely that there will always be breakthroughs in treating diseases, such as diabetes. Whether they will happen within the given time frame is another issue.

In another scientific field, the discovery of a new planet, the prediction made by Barbara Garcia, may also come to fruition. Japanese scientists announced in late February 2008 that they believed there to be a new planet in the solar system.