Popular Beverages And Cuisine In The Bahamas

Cuisine in the Bahamas depends on native produce, seafood from the island’s waters and locally raised meats. Thanks to the islands’ heavy taxes on imported goods, chefs in the Bahamas try to rely on local ingredients, and these tastes are beloved by visitors and locals alike.
After over 300 years of British rule, the empire’s influence on Bahamian cuisine is still seen in the island’s meat pies, stews and breads. Other influences on Bahamian cooking come from the American South.

Bahamian Food: Native Seafood Dishes and Other Specialties

The Bahamas are known the world over for seafood. Conch is one of the signature foods of the Bahamas. This mollusk’s meat is firm and white and can taste like clams, chicken or abalone. Conch is typically prepared in chowder, stew and salad, or as conch fritters and cracked conch, a deep-fried delicacy. Some other dishes include:

Boiled fish and grits: A popular breakfast of the islands, this dish is usually made with grouper, a flaky, white and mild-tasting fish.

Peas n’ rice: Pigeon peas are paired with salt, pork or bacon, tomatoes, rice, celery, pepper and thyme to make this island favorite.

Sweet Cuisine in the Bahamas: Desserts of the Islands

A popular ingredient in Bahamian desserts is coconut, as these trees are in abundance on the islands. Exotic Caribbean fruits also play a role in island desserts, which include:

  • Coconut tart: This baked dessert features grated coconut, ground nutmeg, cinnamon, flour, milk and eggs.
  • Guava duff: This beloved tasty treat is made by folding fruit into dough and boiling it in a cloth bag. It’s served with a guava sauce that’s usually spiked with rum.
  • Johnny cake: This dish is pan-cooked bread made from milk, butter, baking powder, flour, salt and sugar.
  • Rum cake: Flavors like pina colada, banana and chocolate make this Bahamian specialty a favorite for tourists and locals. You can even tour the Bahamas Rum Cake factory in Nassau.

Living in the Bahamas: Popular Beverages

Staying hydrated in the warm Bahamian weather is a must. The islands offer a wide variety of delicious drinks to complement the climate, including:

  • Kalik beer: The national beer of the Bahamas, Kalik, is difficult to find outside of the islands and is named for the sound of the cowbells during Junkanoo.
  • Rum: Popular cocktails of the Bahamas include rum, like the pina colada, Bahama breeze, Bahama mama and the Goombay smash.
  • Switcha: This simple drink is perfectly designed for the climate of the Bahamas–water, sugar and lemon on ice.