Planning Stress Free Toddler Birthday Parties

The thought of planning toddler birthday parties can make any parent wary. What should be a fun and exciting day can quickly turn into a nightmare when grumpy two-year-olds are running around the house. Plan ahead and keep the following toddler birthday ideas in mind to ensure a fun, stress-free party for everyone.

Kids’ Birthday Party Basics

Ask your child what kind of party he wants, whom he’d like to invite and what food he wants to eat. While it’s impossible to cater to your toddler’s every whim, getting him involved will make him feel special and is likely to keep potential meltdowns to a minimum. Having your toddler choose a theme for his party may make it easier to coordinate the rest of the party’s components.

Keep Toddler Birthday Parties Small

Toddlers are small people, and their parties should be small as well. Resist the temptation to go overboard on the invitation list and the activities you plan; little ones get over-stimulated easily.

A good rule of thumb is to invite one child per each year of age, plus one, so inviting three kids for a child turning two is sufficient. Activities such as coloring, simple crafts or classic games are often best. Follow the Leader, Duck Duck Goose or Balloon Toss are good choices.

Keep Toddlers Busy

While choosing activities or games that aren’t too complex for little guests is essential, you don’t want them to get bored. Have some back-up activities in case the toddlers get restless; even something as simple as a short story or game of Simon Says can be a lifesaver.

Have Reinforcements at Toddler Birthday Parties

Make sure moms and dads stay with their children for the entire party, which should only be an hour or two, to avoid the dreaded toddler burnout. Have a spouse, friend or even a hired babysitter on hand to help with things like passing out refreshments, setting up games and keeping the peace. Thank everyone who helped, and remind your child to thank her guests, as well.