Planning For An Active Retirement In Chile

Retirees who enjoy staying active should strongly consider the option to live in Chile. Enjoying an active retirement in Chile is perfectly viable, due to the country’s numerous opportunities for natural activities, sports and urban cultural outings.

Activities for Retirees Among Chile’s Natural Wonders

Chile is little more than 100 miles wide, but its length of approximately 4,000 miles allows for a wildly diverse geography. All of Chile’s hospitable natural features will offer various possible activities for energetic and adventurous retirees. Outdoor and adventure sports are one of the country’s primary tourist attractions.
The Andes Mountains are a ubiquitous feature along Chile’s eastern border, and many areas in the range are amenable to hiking and climbing. Skiing is popular in the Andes of the central region of Chile.
The Los Lagos (Lakes) region of Chile is a popular area for camping and fishing. Retirees looking for excellent beaches will flock to the Valpraiso area, where many resorts are located, although the fairly cold water temperatures, generally around 59 degrees Fahrenheit, may be intimidating to some.

Visiting Natural and Historical Attractions

Retirees will likely be interested in the numerous natural and historical wonders of Chile for their cultural significance, in addition to the available activities and sports some of the natural features may provide.
In the far north of Chile, some of the most prominent attractions are the Valley of the Moon, a barren landscape that earns its name from eons of wear and tear from wind and water, and the ruins left by the Atacameno and Inca.
An essential location for anyone who’s chosen to retire in Chile to visit is Easter Island. The island’s fascinating stone sculptures, carved by Polynesian artisans as far back as the 13th century, are a singular wonder of the world.
Those interested in viewing the remaining heritage of Chile’s period of Spanish colonial rule will be interested in the city of Valparaiso. Much of the architecture is indebted to Spanish and European colonial styles.

Cultural Opportunities and Nightlife in Chile

The cities of Santiago and Valparaiso will be the prominent attractions for retirees looking for a wide range of cultural activities that put Chilean cultural history on display. In 2003, the latter city was named the cultural capital of Chile. Santiago, meanwhile, boasts a thriving and diverse nightlife, with a multitude of restaurants, cafes and shops, particularly in districts such as Bellavista and San Cristobal.