Pit Bulls

Most people don”t realize that a “pit bull” is not a specific breed. Many different breeds fall under the general “pit bull” category. While these breeds share certain characteristics, they have a number of differences and distinctions.

Pit bull breeders breed every imaginable color and color combination of pit bull possible. For example, although the most common types of pit bulls include the brindle and fawn varieties, mating can create rarer color combinations, such as spotted pit bulls.

Along with being able to play with the colors of these dogs, breeders can also alter pit bulls” appearances by cropping pit bull ears, a procedure done when a pit bull puppy is nine to 11 weeks old. Cropping pit bull ears creates a defined pit bull look.

While pit bull breeds vary in look and behavior, they are known for the following characteristics:

  • animal aggressive behavior (not to be confused with human aggressive behavior)
  • cropped ears
  • energetic, often comedic behavior
  • intelligence (this makes them great at escaping enclosures)
  • lean, muscular bodies
  • loyalty
  • trainability.

In this section, we”ll discuss the different types of pit bull breeds in depth. We”ll provide information on the physical characteristics, personality traits and care requirements associated with various types of pit bull breeds.

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terriers, known for their intelligence and loyalty, can be bred to be any color. In general, this type of pit bull typically:

  • has a short, thick, shiny coat
  • is 18 to 22 inches in length
  • weighs 30 to 60 pounds full grown.

Like other types of pit bulls, American Pit Bull Terriers need training and socialization from a young age, ideally during the puppy stage. With the right care, these dogs can make great pets. Owners should watch out for mange and heart murmurs, however, as these are common health problems associated with the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are known by many names, including:

  • English Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Staffie (or Staffy)
  • Stafford
  • Staffordshire.

These dogs are known for their powerful, muscular bodies and broad heads. Staffordshire Bull Terriers come in a number of colors and are courageous, energetic and obedient dogs. Full grown, these pit bulls are typically 13 to 16 inches long and anywhere from 23 to 38 pounds.

Owners should note that plenty of exercise and play is necessary for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as a French Mastiff or Bordeaux Bulldog, is a large dog with a short and stocky shape. These pit bulls have large heads and extremely wrinkly foreheads. Dogue de Bordeaux pit bulls are known for being loyal, patient and loving toward their owners.

The average weight for the Dogue de Bordeaux is between 120 to 145 pounds.


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