Pet Travel

Taking “the kids” on a trip? While you can yell “Don”t make me stop this car!” to your children, your pets will probably ignore you. So you want to bring your pets along, but they don”t get along with one another? What can you do to prevent troublesome travel tribulations?

If your pets don”t get along, keep them separated when traveling. Keep them in separate pet carriers, and in separate areas within the vehicle. Allowing your dog to frolic in the car and tease your frightened cat trapped in her carrier is not only unfair, but it causes stress and fear. The same scenario applies for small animals that the cat may harass.

Although this seems unfair, consider taking only one pet along for the trip. Most cats dislike travel anyway, so why not leave your cat at home where he will be most comfortable? Ask a friend or neighbor to stop by and feed him for you, or if your kitty isn”t overweight you can use an all-day feeder dish to allow him to feed himself.

Additional Pet Travel Tips

You can do a few things to make the trip go smoothly:

  • If they aren”t in a carrier, keep dogs and cats on a leash when exiting the car. Incidentally, if your cat hates a leash (and many do) try a harness.
  • Protect rabbits and other small animals in a small kitty-proof carrier or cage.
  • Give each pet plenty of positive attention and reinforcement. It will help calm your pets and make them less aggressive towards others.
  • Don”t ever leave the pets unattended in the car. Not only is it dangerous for your pets because the temperature in the car can rise to unsafe levels, but without supervision one may harass or harm the other if they”re not kept in carriers.
  • Bring a pet first aid kit. Even if your pets get along wonderfully with one another, a kit is always a good item to bring on any trip.
  • Consider using sedatives to calm aggressive or frightened pets over long trips.NOTE: Consult your veterinarian to find out which sedative is appropriate for your pet, and what the recommended frequency and dosage might be.

We hope these tips will help make your journey a more pleasant experience. Traveling with your pets can be a wonderful experience when you take the proper precautions. Bon Voyage!